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Public Sector and how we can help

The public sector is undergoing unprecedented change. A combination of financial pressures, public service reform, demographic shifts and increasing citizen expectations are driving a fundamental re-appraisal of what – and how – the public sector delivers. 

These pressures bring a huge range of challenges to public sector organisations. They also offer an opportunity to re-think the shape of our public services and those organisations that deliver them. From working with new providers, to collaborating with other organisations and finding new ways to interact with customers and citizens, public sector organisations must search for new ways to drive improvement in a tighter fiscal environment.

BDO offers a fresh approach to working with the public sector, collaborating in close partnership with clients to provide practical, innovative and bespoke solutions. Working through blended teams enables us to transfer skills and knowledge in order to ensure that change is sustainable in the long term. Many members of our teams have worked at senior levels in the public sector so have a keen understanding of the operational challenges facing organisations across the sector, as well as the wider political context.

BDO works with a range of public sector organisations including central government departments, local authorities, NHS organisations, arm's length bodies and the emergency services.

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