Fraud and Financial Investigations

Reduce your losses by 100 per cent

If you have concerns about potential fraud or have discovered it in your business, it's vitally important you respond quickly and bring in the experts. A rapid response could be critical to the success of any investigation. 

Tackling Financial Crime with BDO's Fraud Experts

Our highly skilled team of fraud experts have a range of backgrounds in criminal investigation, forensic accounting and forensic computing and we exercise complete discretion throughout our engagement. 

We will work with you to uncover the fraud, interview staff and suspects and take appropriate action to protect your business.

Our team regularly conducts large-scale, complex financial investigations for the UK's leading law enforcement, prosecution and regulatory agencies, as well as for major banks, international corporations, foreign governments and law firms.

We work closely with BDO colleagues at our member firms worldwide to provide expertise across the globe.

To minimise the chances of reoccurrence our risk specialists can put fraud prevention measures in place which will strengthen your business against the threat of economic crime in the future.

Our specialist services include: