BDOVELO head offroad at Stonor Park

On a glorious day those who were keen to leave the highway behind and head into the woods enjoyed a somewhat sweaty (I think the ladies amongst us were “glowing” - Ed.) but magnificent outing in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is the Chilterns.  
A  full array of two wheeled chariots was on display, from a 'fat bike' to Chris Grove's winter road bike (25mm slicks?!) and all things in between.  After breakfast in the iconic surroundings of Stonor Park, the usual BDOVELO initial hill-rep soon followed - time to work off those bacon butties! The support van managed to avoid a reprise of the scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang where Truly Scrumptious drove said vehicle into the pond (filmed at Russell's Water), the first stop on our ride. A gentle but speedy descent preceded a long pull (longer for some who just couldn't resist a little more of an excursion through the woodland trails!) up to Christmas Common.  The second descent was a tad more challenging down to the Ridgeway - only one minor unscheduled dismount amongst our number! - before a cheeky climb back up onto the Chiltern Escarpment; a real test of who had the biggest 'dinner plate' cassette on the rear!  A stealthy move through the Getty Estate then gave way to more stunning back stops and film set locations, the most quintessential being Turville (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang again, this time the windmill/ Midsomer Murders/ The Vicar of Dibley). The third descent of the day offered an (optional) 'air' jump and nettle rash (non optional) before the return leg to Stonor.  
The much trailed 'lavish picnic' followed before we were treated to an insightful and entertaining bike packing demonstration by Darroch Davidson of Wild Swim Bike Run - who somehow manages to carry what is the contents of a house on his bike - seriously impressive!  A top day for all involved.
Do join us for the next BDOVELO event on 17 July taking in the Surrey lanes (and hills! Ed.) out of Godalming.  Back to the thinner tyres (no change for Chris!) for an on-road spin: we hope you will be able to make it.