Introduction to BDOVELO

Written by Jo Gilbey, Tax Partner

Last Friday was our latest BDOVELO excursion. For those of you who don’t know us, this is BDO’s network group based around cycling.

As we were to start and finish in Denbies’ Wine Estate and it was a sunny afternoon with the weekend starting early, the signs of a good ride were there before we started. We had attracted around 40 people for the ride (equal numbers of men and women with vastly different cycling backgrounds and abilities) and spent the first half hour in happy anticipation and cycling talk with people we hadn’t seen for a long, long while, or were meeting for the first time.

Once organised into groups, each with an experienced leader and with mechanics from our support group, Iconic Cycling Events dotted among us, we toured through the Surrey lanes in the shadow of Box Hill. The lovely thing about being in a cycling group is the feeling of being united in a common purpose and breaking the ice with cycling stories. The pace was “social” so we could chat and the cycling pairs formed and reformed as we went on. The route was beautifully undulating and despite us being in the Surrey Hills, an AONB, there was only one hill to speak of, fortunately for me fairly early on! We travelled through country villages with little traffic and the usual collection of churches, pubs and cafes (which sadly we had to pass by) – a snapshot of English country life.

90 minutes and more than 21 miles later we returned to Denbies for a glass of their finest Whitedown sparkling and more networking. It was at this point I found that of the friendly cyclists I had been talking to one, Elise Sherwell, was in fact a triple Olympic rower for Team GB and one, Lara Vafiadis, is in training to row the Atlantic singlehanded and unsupported next year.

So, if you were thinking that BDOVelo is a racing club, or made up of middle-aged male lycra warriors, think again!  We are just a group of people who enjoy cycling and are lucky enough to be able to mix work with a love of the open road. Do think about coming out with us and inviting your clients and contacts to join our next event on Thursday 23 September.  


You can see more photos of the event here

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