Looking back at the last four years of BDOVELO with Jamie Pringle

In 2019, Jamie Pringle joined us for a BDOVELO evening at the RAG, otherwise known as The Army and Navy Club, to share his insights into life in the world elite performance more latterly at the Boardman Centre, Evesham. Those who joined us will remember Jamie explaining the “marginal gains” achieved by the positioning of your thumbs over a 4-minute time trial. The saving in aerodynamic drag from opening the thumbs, to channel the air flow between them, equated to 2 seconds over the 4-minute race - the typical difference between winning and being off the podium. 

It will not surprise you to hear that we noticed a distinct change in body positions from some of our members at the following BDOVELO ride in Buckinghamshire!! 

Jamie also shared with us details of the Evesham centre’s wind tunnel, human performance lab and state of the art bike fitting facility. The centre represents the cutting edge of research and is the envy of many sports. 

Roll the clock forward 2 years and Halfords, who invested in the project, have put the centre on the market as they no longer see it as core to their business. So sadly, Jamie and his colleagues find themselves amid a business sale.  

Jamie is keen to talk with potential suitors, partners, collaborators as the centre’s outlook is positive with a range of untapped opportunities including corporate training, e-bike development and on-line coaching, analysis and training. (Contact Jamie via Linkedin).

The irony is that over the last few months the cycling industry appears to be going through something of a COVID-19 boom so the disposal may appear poorly timed.  However, analysis of the “cycling space” a little further suggests it is a mixed story out there.  To use a cycling analogy, there are those in the breakaway, a middle peloton working hard to manage the gap and sadly a few dropping off the back. 

Our BDOVELO friends at Cyclescheme (Employee benefit and tax efficient way to purchase a bike and accessories) and Have Bike (mobile cycle mechanic services) have both featured in the national press as benefitting from COVID-19. Richard Hemington at Pinarello advises that there has been a healthy interest in his stable of beautiful bikes and no one can have missed the increased activity of Zwift as riders join virtual rides around the globe. A quick reminder that BDOVELO Zwifters ride out on a Friday afternoon.

However, Matteo Cassini, the new owner of Rouleur magazine who spoke at our season opener, recently posted that advertising revenue and sales were much reduced and to survive increased subscriptions are essential. See https://journal.rouleur.cc/ for their revised monthly subscription opportunity.  

And finally, spare a thought for Iconic Cycling Events who partner with BDO to deliver BDOVELO. Their extensive programme of mass participation and corporate rides are restricted so, that old cliché is most apposite, “necessity is the mother of invention”.  

With the introduction of an Iconic Events App, riders will be able to sign up for our 2020 events at Bath, Chester, Oxford and Canterbury navigate, using the App or smart device, around our routes (including those from past events),  and earn themselves that missing medal for their collection. See www.iconiccyclinevents.co.uk for further details.

As we go to print, from Monday 1st June, riders will be able to go out in groups of 6, so what better way to spend a weekend this summer with friends or fellow BDOVELO members!  But don’t forget your thumb position if you are aiming for the podium!

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