The BDOVELO 2022 Season is up and rolling

The chance to challenge yourself on the very track that hosted legends of cycling at the 2012 London Olympics was grasped for the first non-virtual (virtual pedalling still continues on Friday, fear not!) cycling event of the BDOVELO season at the Lee Valley Velodrome on Wednesday 16 March.

It would be fair to say that the angle of the track’s banking induced a feeling of nervous anxiety amongst those for whom this was a first ticking the box life experience.  Oh, and the prospect of ascending said banking at a high enough speed so as not to slide unceremoniously down it was another issue.  As was riding two wheeled steeds that were fixed wheeled and thus had no brakes. Hey ho, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We were initially treated gently enough by our host Matt, going through some basic drills and rules of the track..have eyes in the back of your head, don’t stop pedalling if you don’t want to get catapulted over the handlebars, shout ‘stay’ at the top of your voice if it looks like you are going to rudely rear-end the rider in front.  But before long, you couldn’t stop all comers trying that swooping number off the top of the banking to catapult down the straight at 70 km per hour (in our dreams).

What soon became apparent was that sustaining the effort and not stopping pedalling soon gets the old ticker into anaerobic territory.  Despite this, valiant efforts were made to reprise the likes of the Kennys and Chris Hoy.  Our hour’s ‘experience’ session literally and metaphorically flew by.  Certificates of attendance (equals competence?!) issued and it was then off to the pub for a couple of snifters. 

A tick in life’s box definitely and one to be repeated.  Prior to that, the BDOVELO 2022 events are all stacked up and waiting your attendance!  For starters we have a webinar on Wednesday 23 March (Marc Anderman, Sports Marketing Surveys) at 6.30 pm and more webinars to follow into April. We will ride out of the historic RHS Wisley in Surrey on Friday 25 March at 3.30 pm and then out of the Denbies Vineyard, a little further South, at 3.30 pm on 22 April. Our first longer day event will be in West Sussex out of the Singing Hills Golf Club on 13 May.  See you at one or more of these, with more to come and which can be viewed on the bdovelo.cc website!



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