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  • Brexit planning guide

    Challenges and opportunities

Challenges and opportunities

New Economy

The one certainty about the UK’s decision to leave the European Union is that it will trigger fundamental changes in the way organisations do business. While the final details of the UK’s exit terms remain uncertain, businesses must begin preparing now so that they can adapt quickly to the new trading environment as it evolves. Start our free Brexit planning tool now.

There is potential for boundaries to be resurrected between the UK and our nearest trading partners, where none have existed for over 30 years. These could create additional costs and will introduce friction into businesses’ supply chains and sales operations, whilst also having the potential to reduce access to the skills they require.

Businesses that can react in an agile and well planned way will be best placed to succeed. As well as issues to be managed, there will be new opportunities to take advantage of – particularly from any new trade agreements that the UK may be free to negotiate once it is no longer part of the EU.

Using this guide

This guide analyses what tax and legal changes could arise from Brexit and how these may drive the need for businesses to reconsider their European group structures and global supply chains.

  1. Choose the business scenario that is closest to your business model:
  2. Read about the indirect and direct tax issues your business may face as a result of Brexit
  3. Download the full guide to drill down into background detail on each issue
  4. Contact us to discuss your options and to help you build your response plan

Brexit will not happen until 2019 at the earliest but it is time to start planning your business’ route to post-Brexit success.

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