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    Why is Leamington Spa being dubbed ‘Silicon Spa’

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Something terrible lurks behind Leamington Spa’s Regency facades. The town that gained its named from health-giving waters is now home to renegades, warriors, aliens, monsters and other undesirables. Not only are these rogues welcome… they could be vital for Leamington Spa’s future.

That’s because the town’s new heroes and villains are all virtual denizens born of a thriving digital media and video games industry that has seen Leamington being dubbed ‘Silicon Spa’ and has most even attracted industry giant Ubisoft, which turned over almost €3bn in 2016.

In terms of the Top 50 list of growing companies in the region, 10% of these are made up of Technology and Media companies, with an average increase in turnover of 21%.