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    An international and dynamic industry

Natural Resources

An international industry requires an internationally focussed team

The media spotlight often shines on natural resources, focussing on issues such as the prices of oil, gas, gold, coal and iron ore, international supply concerns and the knock on effect of commodity price movements on the financial markets. As a result, the natural resources industry is often viewed as dynamic and internationally focused.

Of the top ten constituents of the FTSE 100, the natural resources industry contributes £3.5bn* (48%) of combined net market capitalisation. This market dominance is replicated across the other major worldwide exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ, CNSX, TSX, ASX, JSE.

Natural resources businesses are characterised by complex challenges; from obtaining the right funding for development projects at the right time, managing international tax profiles to techniques for managing volatile commodity prices and establishing acceptable risk sharing mechanisms.

There is no such thing as a new issue as long as you have industry expertise. As experts in the natural resources industry, our dedicated team of individuals have seen most industry issues before and therefore will add value to your team by bringing you their knowledge and insight. BDO provides a full range of services delivered by our industry experts specialising in oil and gas, mining, agribusiness, soft commodities and support services.

We are the clear market leader. In the mining industry we provide services to more FTSE clients than any other audit firm, whilst in oil and gas we are the number one auditor to AIM Listed companies.

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