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27 April 2016

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Succession management in family companies

This guide focuses on the complex and emotion-laden issue of succession from one generation to the next (in terms of both leadership and ownership succession). A structured, well-planned and systematic approach to succession planning is needed in order to overcome all the psychological forces that favour doing nothing.

Getting the family to work together

This guide focuses on communication. Constructive and productive communication is often in short supply in family businesses, because family members tend to shy away from potentially sensitive issues that they feel might generate unpleasant conflict. But the reality is that such issues can only truly be resolved if they are recognised, acknowledged and discussed at an early stage. 

Pay, benefits and incentives in family companies

This guide focuses on people management issues. Conflicts between business values and family priorities can be particularly acute and troublesome in the context of human resource practices. Clear and explicit criteria must be drawn up relating to personnel issues and family members.

Family governance in multi-generational family businesses

This guide focuses on how older, cousin-owned enterprises can benefit from introducing a clearly defined structure that meets the particular needs of the family and its business.  Creating effective and transparent governance enables discussion and resolution of the complicated and often emotional family, ownership and business issues that confront mature family companies.

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