Our approach to clinical commissioning

20 April 2016

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At the heart of The BDO Alliance’s approach to clinical commissioning is an ability to speak your language. Clinicians are not only at the heart of our approach but are also leading it.

Although BDO are process experts, they recognise that people and the way they interact are crucial to successful implementation. This is reflected in the formation of the Alliance with FranklinCovey and Influence at Work to bring CCGs an approach which puts people at the centre.

The BDO Alliance’s approach provides CCGs the both an internal and external focus. Our offering will ensure CCGs build successful and high trust relationships between individual GPs, the practices within the consortia and their wider stakeholders. Our approach is to work with CCGs to encourage the right behaviours not just from clinicians and practice staff but also patients.

Through empowerment and trust, the BDO Alliance has developed an offering which will be delivered by a team of likeable, friendly individuals who will quickly build a rapport with your team and deliver your desired results.