• Are you prepared and planning ahead?

    What’s on the tax horizon for retailers post-Brexit?


Are you prepared and planning ahead? What’s on the tax horizon for retailers post-Brexit?

04 May 2021

Is Brexit complete and is it all over? Well, in a way, give or take some teething issues, yes. While many businesses, including retailers continue to work through these issues, and with the reopening of non-essential stores on 12 April, the future must surely be starting to look more positive supported by a retail tax landscape which is back to business as usual.

However, it might not be that simple. Being prepared, understanding what is coming up and planning ahead will all be key in taking full advantage of the forthcoming tax opportunities and to avoid any pitfalls. By taking a quick look at what’s on the tax horizon over the next two years in our timeline below we hope it will give you a clear and simple picture to help you prepare and plan ahead.


This two year roadmap highlights that there are new tax reliefs, new tax rates and indeed new taxes on the agenda. These will need to be understood so that retailers can assess and model the cash tax impact and prepare for any required changes, be it systems, compliance or indeed, pricing. Brexit may be over (ish) but a period to simply focus on 'business as usual' may still be some way off.

For more information on post-brexit tax horizon and how to prepare, contact Stuart Cole, Director / Corporate and M&A Tax Services.

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