Tax Dispute News

12 July 2017

A round-up of BDO's comment on tax dispute resolution news.


Three things your clients may call you about this week… (Professional Adviser, July 2017)

Wimbledon 2017: Locals warned over Andy little earner (City AM, July 2017)

10 ways HMRC can tell if you’re a tax cheat  (FT, July 2017)

HMRC versus Ingenious: should I stay or should I go now? (Economia, June 2017)

New enquiry closure notice rules (Tax Adviser, April 2017)

Finance Bill confirms measures to crack down on tax avoidance (Economia, March 2017)

The UK ‘Requirement to Correct’ (Bloomberg BNA, April 2017)

Small businesses celebrate after Tories abandon plans to make firms file five tax returns a year (Daily Mail, April 2017)

UK shelves changes to dividend tax, non-doms and digital tax (Financial Times, April 2017)

U.K. Register of Overseas Beneficial Owners Raises Concerns (Bloomberg, April 2017)

New enquiry closure notice rules (Tax Adviser, April 2017)

Finance Bill confirms measures to crack down on tax avoidance (Economia, March 2017)

Surge in silver divorcees seeking advice (FT Adviser, January 2017)

‘The dog ate my return’ won’t save you from the taxman — so get filing (The Sunday Times, January 2017)

Conquer your fear of the taxman... and fill in THAT form - before the looming deadlines exact a punishing price (The Daily Mail, January 2017)

10 ways to cut your tax bill (The Guardian, January 2017)

Thousands of AirBnB and eBay users hit by tax raid: Families who make extra income online are targeted by HMRC crackdown (The Daily Mail, January 2017)

Taxman unleashes its 'snooper computer': what information does it have on you? (The Telegraph, January 2017)

Shooting for STAR Avoiders (first appeared in Accountancy Magazine, CCH Daily, January 2017)


Autumn Statement: MTD followup in New Year, frustrating some advisers (Accountancy Age, Nov 2016)

Tax avoidance clampdown aims to raise extra £2bn by 2022 (Financial Times, Nov 2016)

HMRC ‘puts people on notice’ with duty to correct tax return (Money Marketing, Nov 2016)

A harsher environment (Tax Adviser, Oct 2016)

HRMC scores 10th success against NT Advisors (Professional Adviser, Sept 2016)

Q&A: The worldwide disclosure facility (Tax Journal, Sept 2016)

HMRC plans tougher penalties for offshore tax evaders (International Adviser, August 2016)

Deliberate dangers? Practitioners may learn from recent cases on deliberate errors (Taxation, August 2016)

HMRC secures partial victory at tax tribunal over Ingenious film schemes (Accountancy Live, August 2016) 

Former advisers found guilty of £100m film tax fraud (Professional Adviser, June 2016)

BDO: the problems with a one-off wealth tax (City Wire, June 2016) 

HMRC collapse in service could mean 3.2 million people paid the wrong tax (Economia, May 2016) 

HMRC prosecutions unlikely after Panama Papers leak (FT, April 2016) 

Will Britain’s HMRC refund a late tax filing penalty? (FT, March 2016) 

UK Taxman now hitting expats with dreaded 'APN' (The International Investment, March 2016)

HMRC to make £87m in fines ( Economia, February 2016)

HMRC pledges to make expat tax avoiders pay up (FT, February 2016)

HMRC tightens its tax squeeze on richest Britons (FT, February 2016)

Top tips for divorce in the New Year  (ePrivate Client, January 2016)

Offshore asset holders urged to come clean over tax debts (The FT, January 2016)


Miscalculate tax on a holiday home or inheritance? You could soon be branded a criminal (The Telegraph, December 2015)

Tax returns to be quarterly for landlords and self-employed (The FT, December 2015)

Post on Facebook - and get a tax bill (The Telegraph, December 2015)

Autumn Statement: tax abuse penalties to be sharpened (The City Wire, November 2015)

Tax schemes: HMRC urged to stop bankrupting investors  (The FT, November 2015)

Q&A: HMRC criticised for ‘unacceptable’ service to customers (The FT, November 2015)

HMRC 'taskforces' raked in an extra £109m this year - here's how (The Telegraph, October 2015)

Last call for tax payers to disclose foreign assets (The FT, September 2015)

Wealthy pawn classic cars and more to pay tax bills (FT, September 2015) 

Tax concerns distracting footballers, (Economia, September 2015)

The fifth declaration, (Taxation, August 2015)

Film investors lose legal challenge against HMRC, (The Financial Times, August 2015)

HMRC given go-ahead to demand £5.5bn from taxpayers – before they have chance to appeal (The Telegraph, August 2015)

‘Naming and shaming’ threat for wealthy tax avoiders (The Financial Times, July 2015)

HMRC missed out on £34 billion of tax last year as uncollected VAT and income revenue rises by £1 billion (The Daily Mail, July 2015)

Summer Budget grants new powers to revenue(The Financial Times, July 2015) 

Taxpayers hit with ‘spectacularly wrong’ tax avoidance bills (The Financial Times, June 2015).

Prime property tax squeezes wealthy foreigners (The Financial Times, June 2015)

What does the taxman know about you, your finances and your lifestyle? (The Telegraph, June 2015)

Liberty tax scheme investors hopeful of appeal success, (Financial Times, May 2015)

Keeping disputes out of the courtroom, (Financial Times, April 2015)

High-end property charge deadline nears, (Financial Times, April 2015)

New landlord 'mansion tax' marks fresh attack on buy-to-let, (The Telegraph, April 2015)

Brave New World, (STEP, April 2015)

What HMRC penalties for missing the online tax returns?, (City Wealth, March 2015)

HMRC moves to ostracise tax avoidance promoters, (Financial Times, March 2015)

Deadline looms for employee benefit trust users, (Financial Times, March 2015)

Deadline looms for HMRC's tax campaign targeting solicitors, (Financial Times, March 2015)

HMRC's growing interest in overseas insurance policies, Tax Journal (Tax Journal, March 2015)

HMRC turns the spotlight on the legal profession. (Barrister Magazine, March 2015)

40 under 40 2015 (Tax Journal, March 2015)

Costly business - The price of late-filed returns and failure to pay tax on time, (Taxation, March 2015)

Common reporting standards, Economia (February 2015)

Setback for HMRC tax avoidance push, (Financial Times, February 2015)

HMRC to close tax relief scheme, (FT Adviser, February 2015)

Is 'divorce day' just a self-fulfilling prophecy? (Solicitors Journal, January 2015)

Many happy (tax) returns: How to put that hated chore behind you and move on to something you'd rather do (Mail On Sunday, January 2015)

Quick guide to dealing with divorce: How to divide up your assets, (Express, January 2015)

Tax notice blow for Liberty investors, (Financial Times, January 2015)

Taxman sends shock demands to landlords, (The Times, January 2015)

Don't put it off! Missing your tax return assessment could cost you, (Express, January 2015)


Happy New Year's divorce (Economia, December 2014)

New Year to bring divorce and tax questions (Solicitors Journal, December 2014)

Prepare for New Year divorce season (AccountingWEB, December 2014)

Talking turkey: key dates for expat diaries (The Times, December 2014)

Ten tips for filing a Christmas tax return (The Times, December 2014) Please note you must be a subscriber to read the full article.

23,000 taxpayers expected to submit tax returns on Christmas Day (The Daily Telegraph, December 2014)

Fewer carrots, more sticks (Taxation, 3 September 2014)

Sorting out tax on offshore accounts (Lawyer Monthly, October 2014)

An Accountant's Guide to Surviving a Tax Investigation (The Sunday Telegraph, September 2014)

Time Running Out to Own Up to Tax Avoidance (The Telegraph, September 2014)

Effective rate? Effective letters? (Taxation, June 2014) 

Heading home? You'll need to get your tax affairs straight (The Telegraph, May 2014)

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Proving more relevant for smaller cases – AccountingWEB (February 2014)

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Handling SME vs large corporate cases – AccountingWEB (February 2014)