Rethinking Global Payroll - Preparing for 2021 and Beyond

Are you struggling to keep up with the 400+ global changes in legislation affecting payroll this year?

Operating against a backdrop of lockdowns and social distancing, increased sickness and business continuity planning, you are being asked to implement complex changes at short notice.

Our global webinar series brings together BDO global payroll leaders and in-country tax and payroll specialists to share their local experiences of embedding resilience in response to COVID-19. They analysed the lessons learnt and how clients and payroll teams can factor these into their plans for 2021 - particularly the inevitable legislative changes as countries seek to recoup the tax revenue lost during the pandemic. 

Each webinar covers the critical issues that all employers should be considering:

  • Tracking employees: do you – as employers - realise you have an obligation to know which jurisdiction/state your staff are working in?
  • Permanent establishment: does that temporary or permanent change of location trigger an obligation on you as an employer to create a permanent establishment for tax registration?
  • Personal income tax liabilities: do your employees realise they may be incurring personal income tax obligations in multiple jurisdiction?

Our Global Payroll and Global Employee Services are here to help you navigate the rapidly changing personal and corporate tax legislation and help you approach 2021 and beyond with confidence.

We continue successfully to support our clients around the world. We operate as a single structure to deliver So Much more than Payroll, sharing the wider expertise and services our global clients need as employers and employing entities. 



Global Outsourcing Principal


Head of  Global Payroll, Global Outsourcing

BDO Reading - R+

Andrew Bailey, Global Head of Expatriate Services, Partner


Global Head of Expatriate Services, Partner

BDO London - Baker Street




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