Your share schemes and management incentives are key to retaining and recruiting the talent you need to innovate and drive your business forward in the ‘new reality’. Find out more about designing schemes and incentives that right for your people and your business: attractive and effective as well as tax efficient.

You may also want to consider exit mechanisms such as the Employee Ownership Trust.

Share plans and executive incentives during COVID-19

Incentivising your people should remain a priority – what do you need to consider?

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The benefits and successes of Employee Ownership Trusts

Sell up without paying CGT and keep your people happy.

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How pay and reward impact employee outcomes

Our thought leadership into trends in pay and reward, and our recommendations for your business


STORE: BDO Global Equity Mobility Solution

Use our automated tool that helps avoid risk and highlights tax-saving opportunities when designing cross-border incentive compensation.

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Which share plan? Tool

Use our quick tool to see which share plan is best for your business.

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