Remote working, safely returning to offices, managing furloughs and redundancies managing costs and developing new skills are just some of the challenges of rethinking your workforce in the new reality. Below you will find our latest guidance and practical advice on making sure your workforce is operating safely and effectively.

Government Support Packages Announcement

The Chancellor has now announced an extension of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to September 2021, to support workforce resilience over the summer and as the planned lockdown easing occurs.

We have developed a time saving calculator that allows our specialist employment tax team to assist businesses to assess the impact across their entire furloughed population.

Government jobs support schemes

Our guidance as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme ends and the new support packages are implemented. Have you checked your claims?

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Remote working and the virtual workplace

Are your people working from home or from abroad, or both? What are the compliance factors to consider?

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Using contractors and flexing employee types

Are you considering using a wider range of employment contracts?

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Retaining and incentivising your people

Which schemes, incentives and benefits are best for your workforce?

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International working arrangements

Employers need to be aware of where their employees are working to ensure that they are remaining tax compliant across the globe.

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Workforce resilience tools and resources

We have a range of tools, webinars, video content and other guidance available for download to help you maintain a successful and resilient workforce.

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