Labour Supply Chain and Risk: Podcast series

Welcome to our podcast series focusing on all aspects of your Labour Supply Chain. Recently, there has been a marked growth in alternative models, from agencies, to umbrella companies and platforms such as the gig economy - this growth has been driven by client demand for a flexible, immediate workforce to meet the business resource needs, but also the workers themselves often due to lifestyle choices.

This has meant the usual obligations for an employer have become more complicated and often the lines appear blurred between the obligations of a traditional employer and those of an engager choosing alternative resourcing solutions to fill the void of employees. Now is the time for organisations to understand the accompanying risks and implement robust mitigation strategies.

Episode 4: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme update

We are joined by Matt Harrison and Jon Claypole to discuss the latest updates around the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (“CJRS”). Jon is part of BDO’s Tax Dispute Resolution team, and Matt is an Employment Tax specialist. The group cover HMRC activity around CJRS, especially the concept of ‘furlough fraud’. We are all aware from the media that furlough fraud is a sensitive topic. HMRC have dedicated a new £100m taskforce to tackling fraud and are sending out ‘nudge letters’ to prompt employers to check their enquiries. It is important to make sure that all claims you have made are checked as any errors must be reported to HMRC and corrected – read more on the HMRC’s CJRS enforcement rules and powers. Our recommendation is to get furlough claims checked – the scheme was introduced hastily and employers had a huge amount to deal with. Errors are common, and a review will ensure you can avoid penalties from HMRC.

Speakers: Caroline Harwood (National Head of Employment Tax), Jon Claypole (Partner, Tax Dispute Resolution) and Matt Harrison (Tax Manager, Employment Tax)

Episode 3: Labour supply chain in the Manufacturing sector

Join the Employment Tax team as we are joined by Richard Austin, BDO’s Head of Manufacturing. We discuss the impact of current workforce challenges on the sector. Manufacturers are like many other industries in that they are currently struggling to retain their people at both blue- and white-collar level. Competition is high as employers adapt their businesses to reward people, and so we expect inflation across the sector. There is also a focus on National Minimum Wage compliance and added risk as the industry look at developing junior staff as a priority.

Speakers: John Chaplin (Partner,  Employment Tax), Rob Woodward (Associate Director, Employment Tax) and Richard Austin (Partner and Head of Manufacturing)

Episode 2: Using umbrella companies to weather the storm

Over time, the role of the umbrella company has evolved, with some agencies using them as a way to outsource the administrative obligations associated with hiring and paying the short-term workers their clients require, rather than simply making use of any tax breaks associated with umbrella employment. Join John Chaplin and Rob Woodward from BDO's Employment Tax team as they update you on the current status of umbrella companies and why using one to help bridge issues around staffing may be a bigger risk than expected.

Speakers: John Chaplin, Partner, Rob Woodward, Associate Director, Employment Tax

Episode 1: Labour supply chain - key employment tax risks

For a large number of office workers, it used to be so simple. Pre-pandemic, you went to the office. During the pandemic, you stayed at home. Now, it’s a confusing and difficult balance for employers to strike when looking to remain compliant with their employees ‘working from anywhere’. Listen to our new podcast focusing on Labour Supply Chain issues, featuring John Chaplin and Mark Seaden from our Employment Tax team. Mark outlines his three key employment tax areas to consider when re-working your remote/home working policy: Review, document and communicate. 

Speakers: John Chaplin, Partner and Mark Seaden, Employment Tax Director