Rethink Podcast Series

Welcome to BDO's Rethink podcast series, hosted by journalist, producer and broadcaster, Kate Simms. As we navigate through the new reality, there will be many questions and ideas we think of along the way – listen to the podcasts where we share our thinking with you.

Episode 3: Future proofing your business

When it comes to keeping businesses up and running, knowing the right questions to ask and where to find the information you need can make all the difference. In this podcast you can hear Mark Sykes, BDO partner, talk about board level planning, unlocking the potential of an agile way of working, and how entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood – despite facing personal adversity – was able to lead the industrial revolution in the pottery industry and pioneer marketing tactics still being used today.

Speaker: Mark Sykes, Partner


Episode 2: Emerging through Crisis

In this podcast, we hear from BDO Risk Advisory Services Partner, Tim Foster, explaining how BDO emerged through crisis by developing the Rethink model. The model has been tried and tested (and trusted) by BDO globally, and it is now being used to help BDO clients build resilience into their businesses. Find out how you can identify the key stages, issues and opportunities to help you succeed post COVID-19.

Speaker: Tim Foster, Partner and Head of Risk Advisory Services


Episode 1: Coping with the unexpected

The Great Plague, Fire of London, the Global Financial Crisis and now COVID-19; throughout history, there have been many unexpected events that have impacted the world and in this podcast, we take a look at how economies and businesses adapted to survive. Listen to Paul Eagland, BDO Managing Partner, who explains why he is feeling optimistic about the new reality and whom he particularly admires for the way they have responded to adversity.

Speaker: Paul Eagland, BDO Managing Partner






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