• New Needs - New NEDs

High Performance Leadership report

Are you making the right NED appointments and are you making the best use of your NEDs?

Our “New needs - New NEDs” white paper, published in spring 2019, sets out our framework for making the most of your NEDs. It introduces four core criteria to help guide your decisions and recruitment. The report will also develop your understanding of the changing role of the NED and show how they can support businesses through tough economic conditions, digital disruption and new markets.

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Getting the industry’s feedback and understanding the ‘missed opportunities’

In autumn 2019 we surveyed 50 NEDs and senior executives to seek their feedback on “New Needs New NEDs” and to obtain deeper understanding of the dynamics at play in the current corporate environment.

Our findings show that the industry has a common agreement that boards can do a better job of aligning the role of the NED with organisational strategy and how NEDs must ensure they remain relevant by renewing their skillset and knowledge.