Underpinning everything that we do at BDO is our core purpose: "helping you succeed".

Three years ago we set out to answer "why do we do what we do?"

Our conclusion - at all grades, in all specialisms - was that we "help people and businesses succeed"


“Our core purpose – helping you succeed – has been a guiding force for our business decisions and how we have operated every day for the last four years.

We asked some of our 64 Core Purpose Champions how ‘helping you succeed’ made a difference in the last 12 months; it is fantastic to see their stories peppered throughout this year’s culture report."


We are committed to ensuring all our staff, and those working in our supply chain, have their human rights respected and that we uphold the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights throughout our values, practices, polices, and culture. This is achieved by our core purpose and underpinned by our values.

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“In an all-employee survey this year, 91% of BDO’s 5,500 people positively responded to being able to be themselves at work. Our focus on ‘Be Yourself’ – which includes the diversity and inclusion agenda – is all about encouraging our people to feel like they can truly be themselves. If people can be true to themselves, they are far more likely to succeed in realising their own potential.”

Sarah Hillary, U Board member, Risk and Advisory Services Partner, Pomeranian dog lover, Trustee of Kidney Care UK and Patron of Access Accountancy.

“Our unifying culture will only succeed if we can help our employees of today, and of tomorrow, to succeed. Each of us has our own definition of success, we want to help our people define and achieve theirs. In doing so, we will ultimately contribute to the overall success of our clients, our teams and the firm.”

Rob Worrall, U Board member, Head of People and HR Director, father to teenagers and very grateful for his garden office.


"The Leadership Team’s question was this: “How do we pull together the full power of our firm to help UK’s entrepreneurially spirited businesses through COVID-19?” We created a simple ‘Rethink’ model; this helped us to frame our external conversations during COVID-19. The Rethink model aimed to consider likely business needs throughout COVID-19 – but also BDO’s capability as a firm to respond with suitable support and solutions."

Simon Gallagher,Leadership Team member, Chair of BDO’s COVID-19 Taskforce, lover of hill-walking.

"We identified that people wanted to work with BDO for three reasons: firstly, because they liked the different characters in the BDO team; secondly, because of the quality of our work; and thirdly, because we provided ideas they could trust. Which is how we came to our brand strapline: IDEAS I PEOPLE I TRUST. Now we’re in 2020 – dealing with a global pandemic and recession – and we’re reminded of the saying that ‘tough times reveal true colours’. The 40,000 entrepreneurially-spirited and ambitious businesses and individuals that we advise greatly needed our ideas."

Stuart Lisle, Tax Partner, Sales Board member, one of the original architects of BDO’s Core Purpose, life-long Saints fan, petrol head and beach-hutter.


“We proactively seek to be a responsible business, aware of the wider community in which we work – and we want to inspire our people, clients and the wider community so we collectively contribute to a successful society. This leads to the overall success of the firm, our people, our clients and audited entities, and our local communities and environment.”

Angela Cross, U Board member, North West Head of Tax, ecstatic Liverpool FC fan and new found gardening lover (lockdown has a lot to answer for).

“We all make a difference in our day jobs at BDO: the role we play in capital markets, in supporting an entrepreneur to succeed, in providing assurance to Audit Committees, in advising a business owner on their next step towards successful growth. We understand that the talent and energy we have can contribute to the kind of society we all want to live in.”

Michael Yeboah, Tax Technician and Church youth leader.


“I’m proud to work for a firm that recognises it’s a responsible corporate citizen, aware of the wider community in which we work.”

Freya Holdsworth, Digital Content Developer and artist

“We’re honestly a phenomenal firm, made up of incredibly bright and talented people. We have so many examples of working together to achieve great quality results and be successful with, and for, each other.”

Sakib Isa, Audit Senior Manager and property entrepreneur


“Our core purpose – helping you succeed – is not just for today; it’s a critical part of our long term vision and our own success too. That vision gives us all a consistent direction in which to head, something which has been both important and helpful during such a turbulent year as 2020.”

Jon Randall, Head of Transformation and obsessed with motorcycles that go really, really fast.

“Technology will continue to reshape our lives over the coming years, whether digitalisation, advanced data analytics, cloud or automation, change will touch many aspects of life and business. Our UK team has developed a global centre of excellence for Automation, skills which become more important as each month goes by. Not only is that an operational shift, but a cultural shift, in which a Growth Mindset of leaders and colleagues alike is imperative.”

Stuart Walters, Chief Information Officer and rugby aficionado.