Transparency Report

Consequent to the adoption of the EU's 8th Directive on transparency reporting, the Professional Oversight Board published the Statutory Auditors (Transparency) Instrument 2008 in April 2008. These regulations require auditors of public interest entities to publish on their websites annual transparency reports and set out minimum requirements that such reports must meet, including information about themselves, systems of quality control and independence procedures and practices.

The regulations require that the transparency report remains available for two years and three months after the year end to which it relates.

In 2010, we welcomed the publication of the Audit Firm Governance Code ('the Code').  We remain committed to the Code.  Our statement on compliance with the Code's provisions and report on how we have applied in practice each of the principles of the Code is given in Appendix A to our Transparency Report 2012.

BDO LLP Transparency Reports are available below: