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By Paul Morris | 06 September 2018

5 ways investing in your Finance Director will help create value

Is the role of a finance director simply to manage the finance of the business? Do they just count the cash and manage the payroll? In my experience, all too often that is exactly what entrepreneurs think. Of course, a critical part of the FD’s role is to implement good...

By Stuart Lisle | 28 August 2018

Brexit - Five things businesses should do now

Planning for a ‘hard’ Brexit is rising up the UK Government agenda as Michel Barnier continues to show his stubborn side. The risk of a hard Brexit outcome is clearly increasing as the government is upping its preparedness and begins to publish contingency briefings on coping...

By James Kennedy | 07 August 2018

Tackling the tax gap

Recent statistics show that the tax gap is at its lowest level since measurement began. Our tax dispute resolution team break down what exactly the tax gap is, and what it means for HMRC.

By Mark Andrews | 01 August 2018

Recovering from 2017: 3 reasons Life Sciences M&A is returning to growth

It is unfortunately a fact of life that most of us will get ill. In fact, many of us are living longer and developing chronic conditions requiring more complicated and prolonged treatment. Life Sciences is a many and varied sector but at its core it delivers products and...

By Isabel Bucknall | 31 July 2018

Celebrating 1 Year of WWID

July 2018 marks a year since the first meeting of the Women Working in Development (WWID) Network. This London-based network of women working in the international development sector was established to encourage open dialogue on professional and personal development and a safe...

By Paul Morris | 25 July 2018

Board Meetings – Six simple ways to make Board Meetings genuinely useful

About to go through a private equity transaction? Board meetings will be a future requirement - find out how to make the most of them.

By Andrew Park | 25 June 2018

Family law focus - HMRC's crackdown on offshore wealth

For family lawyers, it is particularly important to be aware of the end of the Requirement to Correct period. Draconian new penalties could seriously impact divorce settlements and the contingent tax liabilities to be considered where there were any assets, interests or...

By Paul Morris | 31 May 2018

Are you ready for Private Equity investment? A short quiz.

When a Private Equity deal process fails it is very frustrating for both management and the prospective investor.  In most cases, both parties have expended significant amounts of time and effort.  There are many and varied reasons why a deal can fall through, but one that is...

By John Stephan | 03 May 2018

Three reasons Building Products & Services is a hotbed of global M&A activity

The Building Products sector is experiencing unprecedented levels of transactions.  We’ve seen double-digit growth in transaction volumes across the globe for three years running.  And it really is a global market, with one in four deals a cross-border transaction.

By Gary Rouse | 05 March 2018

Technology is enabling Worcestershire businesses to grow

Mid-sized firms in Worcestershire claim use of technology within their businesses has been a key contributing factor for growth, but that there is still more to be done in the county to help businesses flourish even further.

By Dawn Register | 16 February 2018

Top five tips on filing tax returns – after the deadline

Almost 750,000 people missed the deadline for filing their self-assessment tax return on 31 January 2018, and will now be hit with an initial £100 fine.

By Wendy Walton | 09 February 2018

Trends in Global Private Client Services – 2018 and beyond

In this new article BDO UK Tax partner and Head of BDO Global Private Client Services, Wendy Walton, shares her perspective on current global trends in private wealth – pointing to some of the latest research.  This is the first in a series of articles from BDO Global Private...

By Helen O'Kane | 01 February 2018

2017 review: Two positive trends and the one thing that always really matters

I am an M&A specialist focusing on healthcare and education.  The sector is responsible for delivering care to some of society’s most vulnerable adults and children – providing care homes and “at-home” care for individuals with a range of complex needs. 

By Helen Adams | 04 January 2018

HMRC enhances its criminal investigation powers

The government recently introduced three new ‘strict liability’ criminal offences relating to tax.  These will assist HMRC in tackling offshore tax evasion and non-compliance as in future it will not need to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that a person intended to get...

By Dawn Register | 22 December 2017

Facial recognition to file your tax return?

The question mark is not required because this technology is already here and active.

By Andrew Harrison | 21 December 2017

US personal tax reform - the finish line

Tax reform has been one of the most talked about issues on Capitol Hill since President Trump’s inauguration.

By Talia Greenbaum | 19 December 2017

Alternative Dispute Resolution – what are the benefits?

In a recent meeting with HMRC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Director, we were told that HMRC is currently running a project (initially the North East of England) to identify all cases within individuals and small business units that have been open in excess of 18 months...

By Harry Stoakes | 16 November 2017

PCPI Blog; Karting deal typical of ‘digital’ driving changes in Leisure sector

Nothing makes me happier than a good Instagram post; someone smugly showing off their amazing lifestyle by sharing an “awesome” experience. Ok, that’s not quite true. But as an M&A advisor to activities and attractions businesses, I do recognise what the increasing use of...

By Robin Brown | 03 August 2017

3 insights that will help Tech companies stay relevant and deliver value

451 research recently stated that “Everything as a service” is the next big cloud opportunity.

By Helen Adams | 01 August 2017

I made a mistake on my tax return; what now?

Mistakes are part of life. No one likes to make them and it always feels better once they are corrected. Mistakes with your tax can seem daunting but they can always be fixed.

By Helen Adams | 26 July 2017

What to do if HMRC opens an enquiry or investigation

HMRC’s powers enable it to check whether your tax returns are correct. 

By James Kennedy | 03 July 2017

HMRC may afford Worldwide Disclosure Facility users an additional 90 days

HMRC has updated their guidance regarding the Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF):

By Richard Morley | 03 July 2017

Anyone for tennis (parking)?

Many local residents fully embrace the Wimbledon tennis fortnight whereas others may see this as an ‘Andy’ little earner by renting out their driveways for daily parking.

By | 15 May 2017

Three reasons for optimism in UK retail

BDO’s Head of M&A Retail and Consumer, highlight some retail success stories and explain why she sees reasons to be optimistic.

By Andy Viner | 22 March 2017

Is everyone about to buy UK tech, media and telecoms companies?

If I were a journalist, I’d say that UK companies in the technology, media and telecoms industries are going to be selling like hot cakes in the coming months.

By Paul Birch | 20 March 2017

The need for timely and accurate forensic technology advice

The forensic technology market is full of companies vying for work. People are bombarded with terms like “big data” and “cybercrime”. Software vendors tell us that their product processes data faster than another’s or displays it in a nicer fashion. This is all well and good...

By Don Bawtree | 31 January 2017

Charity Commission warns of crime prevention phishing scams

The Charity Commission has issued a warning it hopes will save charities from financial loss.

By Paul Birch | 20 January 2017

Is your forensic technology expert giving you relevant advice?

Numerous articles have been published recently that highlight current concerns in the market, such as data security, cybercrime and hacking. Whilst these subjects are trendy and topical, a lot of the advice given regarding first response is of another era.

By Stuart Lisle | 25 November 2016

The UK remains a great location for international holding companies despite Brexit

The sound and fury over the EU referendum result and ongoing Brexit should not distract international businesses from the fundamentals of how to decide where a group’s holding company should be based.

By Stuart Lisle | 18 November 2016

Brexit – new opportunities for Anglo-Indian trade and economic success

Following the referendum vote on 23 June, we have seen a number of severe reactions to both the vote and other political changes from the stock and currency markets, many of which have been short-lived.

By Anna Jarrold | 11 November 2016

Partnership tax consultation – very much a work in progress

Anna Jarrod explains why the Government’s proposals are very much a work in progress.

By Tom Lawton | 03 October 2016

Industry Outlook: a resilient sector with deep roots

The UK Manufacturing sector employs 2.7 million people, contributes 10% of GVA and accounts for 45% of total UK exports (EEF 2016) and in my opinion, one of the key sectors in the UK.

By Noel Clehane | 19 September 2016

Brexit: The view from Brussels, three months on!

The decision of the UK people to leave the EU in a referendum last June is undoubtedly the most significant political event in over 60 years in Europe and is likely to have prolonged political, economic and business impacts in the UK - and beyond – for many years to come!

By Stuart Lisle | 19 September 2016

Brexit – keep on keepin’ on

It’s back to school and back to Brexit as MPs retake their seats following a break for summer. With a long and uncertain road ahead, it’s more important than ever for businesses to keep their cool throughout the duration of government planning and the exit deal discussions...

By Paul Birch | 19 August 2016

Electronic evidence - deleted vs. deleted deleted data

What is the definition of deleted data?

By David Porter | 18 August 2016

Tax impacts of lease accounting changes

BDO outlines HMRC’s consultation on the tax impacts of forthcoming lease accounting changes.

By | 18 July 2016

Time is Running Out for your Free Upgrade to Windows 10 - Am I Bovvered?

Microsoft has also taken a very different marketing approach and has offered a free Windows 10 upgrade to all users currently running Windows 7 and above.

By Kaley Crossthwaite | 07 July 2016

What Brexit means for data protection laws

There are many questions that remain unanswered following the EU referendum results; one of which is, what will Brexit mean for data protection laws in the UK?

By Wendy Walton | 04 July 2016

Brexit – a private client's perspective

Although there is an immediate impact on the personal finances of individuals from the volatility in stock markets and the value of sterling, the immediate impact of the referendum vote on the tax affairs of individuals is expected to be minimal.

By Ruth Ireland | 23 June 2016

Better a thousand times careful than once dead...

(…or all you needed to know about changes to penalties for health and safety and corporate manslaughter offences but were afraid to ask).

By Jon Dee | 23 June 2016

Modern Slavery Act – How should HIAs support the business?

In October 2015, my colleague Richard Weighell set out the principal challenges of complying with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 in his article in BDO’s Talkshop blog - Modern Slavery Act – An Area Worthy of Audit Attention for Many. Since that time all businesses affected...

By Paul Ayres | 23 June 2016

The Tax Position of Individuals Moving from UK - Why Switzerland Still Attracts

In summer 2015 the government announced a shake up to the non-domicile regime that currently operates in the UK.

By Dawn Register | 25 April 2016

Why I advocate voluntary disclosure to HMRC

For some people owning up when something is wrong is a natural and relatively easy thing to do, without much hesitation. 

By Ed Dwan | 14 March 2016

Businesses documenting a tax strategy - a new era...

We live in an era where the tax affairs of large companies and high profile individuals are routinely front page news. A number of high profile companies in particular have had their worldwide structures subjected to intense scrutiny and adverse comment over the level of UK...

By Kaley Crossthwaite | 01 March 2016

When fraud risk comes from within

Our latest Fraud Track report highlighted that the total value of reported fraud in 2015 was £1.5bn, an increase of 110% from the previous year and the highest value since 2011.   

By Andrew Maclay | 09 February 2016

Quantifying the risk of bribery – the courts make it all clearer

At long last, the UK Bribery Act is beginning to be enforced and there are the first few convictions and Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) for foreign bribery – and some large financial penalties.

By Mark Walters | 03 February 2016

Why the US is different - the Private Client Tax landscape

So, this month we are celebrating the formal launch of BDO's ‎US Private Wealth and Entrepreneurial service here in London, part of our wider Private Client Services.

By Stuart Lisle | 21 January 2016

UK’s fastest-growing companies calling for more Government help

Companies that triumphed in this year’s Sunday Times Fast Track may have come out on top in their respective industries, but these fast-growing firms are telling us that they need more support from the Government to sustain growth.

By Jon Dee | 19 January 2016

Why have risk committees not been more widely adopted?

Discussing risk management with a group of senior risk managers from UK Plc’s recently, the diversity of views as to the usefulness and purpose of a risk committee was very evident. Only 20% of the companies represented by these risk managers had a risk committee in place even...

By Ruth Ireland | 08 October 2015

Contract management - how to get comfort that your contracting processes are efficient and effective?

With sound contracts playing such an important part to successful businesses, how can you get comfort that your contracting processes are efficient and effective?

By Richard Weighell | 07 September 2015

Modern Slavery Act – An area worthy of audit attention for many

Internal auditors will need to assess their readiness to demonstrate transparency in their operations and those of their suppliers.  From October, the Modern Slavery Act requires every commercial organisation that supplies goods and services in the UK, and has a turnover of...

By | 16 July 2015

Innovation in “Advisory” Technology : the well-documented enemy

I was recently involved in a discussion about the changing nature of technology in the context of advisory services, particularly IT Risk and Forensic Technology services.

By | 15 July 2015

EU Reform of Data Protection Regulation – what to expect and when to expect it

The European Commission plans to unify data protection within the European Union (EU) with a single law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Currently, there is a directive (EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC) regulating the processing of personal data within the...

By Richard Weighell | 15 July 2015

Risk management might be widespread but it’s not always living up to expectations

Risk management is now a part of virtually all organisations, with the most visible sign being the proliferation of risk registers. Registers are prepared for many types of risk; strategic, operational, project and departmental, credit and market risks to name but a few.

By | 15 July 2015

On risk management and shellfish

I had dinner recently with an old school friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a number of years. Except for the after effects of the shellfish platter (apparently I am allergic to shellfish – who knew?), the evening was extremely pleasant and there was good wine and good...

By Ruth Ireland | 15 July 2015

Food for thought: why agreeing a risk appetite will help you manage risk more effectively

A colleague recently wrote an article for Business Reporter on risk management and shellfish. Not things you would obviously link you might think, but the mention of food started me thinking about a connection to risk management: risk appetite.

By Nigel Burbidge | 15 July 2015

The golden thread: Casting light on good risk management

Once upon a time there was a candle maker named Will and he was a good maker of candles.  In a land where there were many shoddy candle makers he was a beacon of honesty and quality.

By Ruth Ireland | 15 July 2015

The challenges of embedding risk management

The May 2015 International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) paper “From Bolt-on to Built-in Managing Risk as an Integral Part of Managing an Organization” has neatly summarised the challenges of embedding risk management. The paper’s main message is that risk management does...

By | 15 July 2015

Health and safety: the biggest risk?

The health and safety of employees is the responsibility of all employers.  Failure to ensure the safety of employees can result in prosecution, fines and significant reputational damage, particularly where this results in the death, or serious injury of an individual.  Health...

By | 08 July 2015

Financial Privacy is Dead

Tax transparency is one of the ‘hot topics’ of the moment. The tax policy of large corporates has come under increasing scrutiny from a public and media that demand companies pay ‘their fair share’. Individuals have been pilloried in the press for the way their tax affairs...

By | 19 June 2015

AIM and the past 20 years

In June 1995 England had the driest summer in recorded history.  Blackburn Rovers were the league champions and Barings Bank had collapsed just a few months earlier.  One percent of the population had internet access.  June 1995 also saw the launch of the Alternative...

By Stuart Lisle | 13 April 2015

Profit Track 100: Thriving sectors suggest recovery has real depth

If you glance at the top of The Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100 league table this year you'd be forgiven for believing that to make profits quickly you have to be operating online.

By | 01 April 2015

Retain your team

The current market for internal auditors is very active. A recent survey by recruiters BarclaySimpson revealed that only 12% of the managers have reported that they are unlikely to recruit in 2015.  In this environment, even a seemingly stable team is at risk of losing key...

By | 01 April 2015

Cyber security - what heads of internal auditors need to know

Cyber security is increasingly becoming a hot topic in meeting agendas for board meetings and audit committees. Boards are realising that cyber security is an area that needs to be actively measured and continuously monitored. As providers of cyber security services to clients...

By Julian Frost | 09 March 2015

The Impact of Market Testing on Innovation?

Some people suffer from a very real temptation to innovate in isolation and then wait for the world to respond to their brilliant insight or invention. Perhaps this is a function of the desire to protect IP or to really focus on the work required to address a gap in the market.

By Julian Frost | 18 February 2015

What is your main inhibitor to innovation?

Many organisations with which we work have a good understanding of what is driving their need to innovate.  Of course, most are also very quick to explain why delivering on innovation is a particularly hard task!  Sometimes it feels that every organisation believes that they...

By Andy Viner | 12 February 2015

Is culture important in delivering innovation?

In our conversations about embedding innovation with more than 200 medium sized businesses, it rarely took long until the issue of organisational culture took centre stage. 

By Julian Frost | 04 February 2015

Leadership driving Innovation

Great leaders have always created an impact; those individuals who see what is possible, take brave decisions, make things happen and inspire others to come with them. 

By | 04 February 2015

What to expect from digital currencies in 2015

Opinion is split on what the future holds for digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, and if they will even exist in a year's time. 

By | 15 January 2015

Is an audit of culture on your internal audit plan?

The global banking crisis and subsequent economic meltdown has placed greater pressure on public and private organisations to improve standards and deal with cultural risk issues. Widespread calls are being made for businesses to more fully understand and address underlying...

By Julian Frost | 10 December 2014

Innovating on purpose

When talking about innovation, many business leaders are able to explain what their organisations are developing and how they are delivering it.  They will typically talk with animated enthusiasm about the brilliance of their new product or the efficiencies they have achieved...

By Julian Frost | 14 October 2014

Embedding Innovation

BDO, in collaboration with the CBI, organised a series of M-Clubs workshops in locations throughout the United Kingdom to better understand what innovation means to midsized businesses, how they are approaching it and the learnings that can be taken to help others to develop a...

By Julian Frost | 06 October 2014

Toward the tipping point for mobile payment adoption

While Apple Pay is now set to carry NFC payments forward in the US, tech giants and thousands of start-ups are already revolutionizing the way we pay. Intense M&A activity lies ahead as major companies will need to buy innovative technologies in order to win consumers and...

By Julian Frost | 29 September 2014

Mojang - The perfect storm behind a $2.5 billion gaming deal

The indie gaming market has never been more lucrative, as clearly shown by Microsoft's recent acquisition of Mojang for $2.5 billion. Let's break down the driving forces behind it and tell you why the next big deal may be Unity Technologies.

By Mark Sykes | 22 September 2014

Governance issues in a MAT

It wasn't me, it was him!  I have two boys and I frequently have this line of defence fired at me – and it is a nightmare to try and resolve who is to blame.  Ultimately the only sanction is saying I don't care and punish both boys – although it may have been one of them more...

By | 12 September 2014

Alibaba IPO, The Amazon of the East?

The public offering of China's e-commerce giant, Alibaba, is shaping up to be the biggest IPO of all time. If Alibaba raises the $15bn that analysts have suggested it is seeking, it would value the company's equity at between $150bn and $200bn - immediately securing its place...

By Mark Sykes | 13 August 2014

Academies and financial governance: practical realities

When we were buying a pram, my wife would frequently spit out words like "clearly this was designed by a man!" since it didn't consider any of the practicalities really faced by a mother juggling shopping, baby and small cars.

By Nigel Burbidge | 01 July 2014

Red, Amber, Green: planning around your risks

When I last posted, I wrote about keeping risk management simple, relevant and up to date and set out some suggestions for simplicity.  I'll now give some pointers for keeping it relevant and up to date.

By | 26 June 2014

Building a solution to the UK’s housing challenge

There has been no shortage of media coverage in recent months about the acute housing crisis we are facing in Britain. As demand continues to outstrip supply, driving up the value of property, the ambition of home ownership is out of reach for many, with house prices on...

By Kim Hayward | 11 June 2014

There's more to becoming an international business than exports

Business and political leaders have for a number of years talked about the need for the UK to improve its performance on a global level and the economic advantages for doing so. The government has talked about the need to double exports by 2020 but exporting is only part of...

By John Dennison | 05 June 2014

Affected by the GameOver Zeus virus?

It seems like déjà vu.  It was only a few weeks ago that my colleague Gavin Davis wrote a briefing on the Heartbleed security vulnerability and now, like London buses, two more issues have come along, one affecting Ebay users, whose details may have been compromised, and the...

By Tom Lawton | 04 June 2014

Automation or domination: could robots take over?

The excellent Foresight Report that was released last year noted that the UK could be successful in manufacturing by focusing on research, innovation, design and service. But to be successful as a country that manufactures, we also need to improve our use of automation to...

By Nigel Burbidge | 03 June 2014

Keep it simple, relevant and up to date: The key to effective Risk Management

In order to have any chance of reducing the risks facing your business you have to, at the very least, think about what those risks might be, now and for a little while in the future. Only when you've identified what the problem could be can you try to work out how you might...

By | 02 May 2014

Are we in a tech bubble?

The recent flurry of technology IPOs and the multiples that they have commanded has ledmany to speculate that we are, once again, heading towards bubble territory. China's Alibaba, the largest e-commerce business in the world recently announced its plan to float, in what could...

By Nigel Burbidge | 01 May 2014

Governance, risk and compliance

One of the highest aims of risk management is to achieve a state within an organisation where all risks are clearly identified as soon as they emerge. Appropriate mitigation strategies are then seamlessly developed and perfectly implemented and embedded at all levels. One...

By | 24 April 2014

Heartbleed Security Vulnerability

You won't have failed to notice recent news stories about the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability. We have all heard about security breaches before which have, in most instances, been caused by a failure to secure a website, database and/or the infrastructure that supports it. So...

By Richard Weighell | 08 April 2014

Effective speak up arrangements make good business sense for business

Having a route available for employees to raise inappropriate activity bypassing their line management chain is generally recognised as good governance and is widely adopted by businesses. Most "whistleblowing" mechanisms are used infrequently and many organisations find that...

By Wendy Walton | 25 March 2014

Ownership of UK residential property

With many experts predicting that the UK property market is entering another boom, Wendy Walton, Tax Partner at BDO outlines some of the key tax issues for buyers.

By Peter Hemington | 25 March 2014

New Economic World Order: A multipolar world emerges

Since World War II, we have grown accustomed to a world economic order in which the United States has had by far the biggest influence. But this is changing; a multipolar world order is evolving, with profound implications for all of us involved in business in the UK. The...

By | 14 March 2014

The Gorilla in The Garden

For companies with one or more of the 6,000 or so defined benefit (DB) pension Schemes in the UK, 2014 is the year to get to grips with the risks. A combination of healthy equity performance and an increase in interest rates has led to another fundamental shift in defined...

By | 13 December 2013

Credit cards, fraud and VAT – a festive headache for retailers?

Dixons, the well known UK electronics retailer, looks set to lose its VAT appeal on credit card payments, after a European court judgment last week was decided in favour of HMRC. BDO's David McDonnell explains what this decision could mean for UK retailers.

By Alex Marsden | 05 December 2013

What are the TMT sector’s best FDs getting up to?

Julian Frost, BDO's National Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT), highlights the achievements of  the TMT sector's most successful Finance Directors.

By Michael Ware | 19 November 2013

What makes a fundable project?

Despite ongoing concerns about the availability of mainstream credit for corporates, the availability of funding for solid renewable energy projects is good and last year we as advisors raised over £150m for our clients. However the key word here is solid. 

By Arbinder Chatwal | 02 September 2013

How to avoid common pitfalls when doing business in India

As the Eurozone continues to struggle, many UK SMEs are looking to emerging markets for growth with India a prime target for businesses with designs on international expansion. But how can companies successfully enter a market where the business, political and social landscape...

By Julian Frost | 23 July 2013

Is the IPO market picking up for the TMT sector?

In its latest edition of Tech Talk , BDO’s TMT team takes an in-depth look at banking and insurance software sector and provides an analysis of corporate deal activity in the wider technology universe.

By | 10 July 2013

Oil and gas production sharing agreements: the potential for dispute?

Production sharing agreements (PSAs) are one of a number of legal structures used between countries with oil and gas reserves and international oil companies keen to develop those reserves. However, the agreements are often complicated and disputes are not uncommon. In this...

By Anna Jarrold | 08 July 2013

Partnerships under HMRC’s microscope

We had been warned in Budget 2013, so the tax consultation Partnerships: A review of two aspects of the tax rules should not have come as a surprise. However, the implications of its anti-avoidance proposals may catch out some businesses and change the tax charges for their...

By Julian Frost | 13 June 2013

BDO's Tech Talk


By | 29 May 2013

R&D Tax Relief For Large Company Claims - The Dawn Of A New Regime

For the first year in many, the 2013 Budget did not herald changes to the SME regime. This comes as little surprise, as the regime has improved significantly in recent years, with the relief (being an additional tax deduction available to companies with qualifying costs...

By | 12 May 2013

Cyber Security – The Trouble for SME’s

This week, in my role as Chair of the ICAEW’s IT Faculty Technical Committee, I briefed MPs, peers and industry representatives on the role of security standards and how cyber security issues are affecting SMEs in particular. I was speaking at the Parliamentary Internet...

By Nick Carter-Pegg | 20 April 2013

Professional services expansion overseas

UK professional service firms have seen a period of unprecedented growth driven by both the domestic and international marketplace. With few barriers to entry, firms have invested in and expanded their global networks and benefited from the booming global economy. However, as...

By Tom Lawton | 19 April 2013

Six Priorities for Government to Help Manufacturing

Over the past two years we have experienced the deepest recession the country and the developed world economies have seen since the 1930s.

By Stuart Lisle | 19 April 2013

Should the Government be criticised for their handling of the R&D Tax Credit Scheme?

The Government has recently come under renewed criticism over mismanagement of the R&D tax credit system, but is this really fair? The Government's tax credit scheme was originally introduced in 2000 to encourage companies to invest in R&D and we have seen a number of changes ...

By | 19 April 2013

Drivers Jonas Deloitte - The rise of the multi-disciplinary firm?

The merger between one of the UK’s Big Four accounting firms and one of the leading independent firms of property advisers has set the hares running in both professions – and is even causing a stir in the legal profession.

By Dan Taylor | 19 April 2013

RBS and Lloyds Banking Group branch disposals

As the public digests the mind-boggling billions of the second bank bail-out, attention is now turning to potential acquirers of those parts of the state-supported banks being put up for sale in this unprecedented enforced EU restructuring of UK retail banking.  

By | 19 April 2013

Partnership Working – What habits really work?

‘the whole really can be better than the sum of its parts’. However overuse of the term ‘partnership’ has damaged its image and pushed it into cliché status.  This is because partnership arrangements inevitably end up in a ‘win-lose’ scenario rather than the coveted ‘win-win’. 

By | 19 April 2013

Corporate Responsibility – busted flush or a new paradigm?

Corporate Responsibility has always had its detractors. Milton Friedman called it a ‘fundamentally subversive doctrine’ that distracted managers from their one social responsibility to engage in activities that increase profits. Similarly, many free market commentators...

By Dominic Stammers | 19 April 2013

Cheers or fears for the British Pub Trade?

Over the last few years the industry has weathered a perfect storm of the smoking ban, increasing taxes, a drop in consumer spending during and since the recession, and far greater competition from supermarkets leading to the decline of the wet-led offering – that was...

By | 19 April 2013

Opportunities for investors with a long-term view

The last 12-18 months have been a difficult period for anyone with money invested in the property industry. Investors have taken big hits as the unprecedented gains experienced in commercial property between 2004 and early 2007 have been wiped out, and with predictions for...

By Richard Morley | 19 April 2013

New Disclosure Opportunity

On 28 July 2009 HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) formally announced the ‘New Disclosure Opportunity’ (NDO) which is to be offered to UK residents with unpaid tax related to offshore bank accounts. 

By Andy Viner | 19 April 2013

Changing revenue models for the media

With newspaper circulations dwindling and advertising rates in record decline, it’s of little surprise that content providers are seeking to alter their revenue generation models – some with quite drastic measures.

By | 19 April 2013

Caught by CoP9? Too late for LDF

Last month my colleague Richard Morley wrote a talkshop piece about the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF), its benefits and how the changes in law in Liechtenstein from 1 September 2010 arising out of the agreement between HMRC and the Liechtenstein government might...

By | 19 April 2013

Will the hot tub finish off your Expert?

There was a time when a reasonably competent professional accountant could feel comfortable if called upon to give ‘occasional’ evidence to our Courts, without further training or experience and without feeling that only specialists acted as Expert Witnesses. 

By | 19 April 2013

Why I’m bullish about retail

One of the big mysteries of the recession has been just how resilient retail spending has been. Contrary to expectations, we have not witnessed a dramatic slump in spending which seemed like a foregone conclusion at the start of downturn. In fact, the hard data suggests...

By | 19 April 2013

Learning From Complaints Makes Complaints Worthwhile

Offering a superior customer experience remains an area where many financial services firms are seeking competitive advantage.  Consumer protection also remains a key priority for the FSA.

By Marc Reinecke | 19 April 2013

Time to invest in hotels?

A number of partners and managers in BDO’s Leisure and Hospitality team attended the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) in Berlin, in early March, and witnessed an improved mood compared to the previous year. The IHIF is the major annual event in the Hotel Industry...

By | 19 April 2013

IAS 39 Project Part 2: Can we really expect the unexpected?

One of the key lessons from the global financial crisis was that expectations and the statistical models relating to them could not account for the sheer speed at which trust and security in financial institutions were eroded. 

By | 19 April 2013

How liquidity risk will impact on the going concern assessment

While the UK economy may be making a slow recovery from recession, many businesses are going to be feeling some pain for quite some time to come. In particular, the benign corporate credit environment of just a couple of years ago has been replaced by a much tougher funding...

By Peter Hemington | 19 April 2013

How businesses are adapting to the recession

Peter Hemington, corporate finance partner at BDO, talks about the firm’s latest review of business trends and how businesses are adapting to the recession.

By | 19 April 2013

Ten things to think about when considering Software as a Service (“SaaS”)

Traditional IT departments can be expensive to run. Problems can arise in communicating between sites, remote workers, the sales force on the road and remote offices. Large organisations with deep pockets may well be able to overcome such issues, but smaller businesses don’t...

By | 08 April 2013

The Importance Of Plan B

The unfortunate truth is that many businesses will fail emerging from this economic downturn, in pursuit of growth.  

By | 26 February 2013

Gift aid claims are going online

The way in which charities claim Gift Aid is changing this year in perhaps the most significant way since the scheme began, with the introduction of “Charities Online”.

By | 03 December 2012

Making Internal Audit Relevant

“High quality corporate governance helps to underpin long-term company performance”. Those are not my words but the words of the Financial Reporting Council in the Corporate Governance section of its website.

By | 13 November 2012

Get in there first: disclose before HMRC investigates

Over the last few months there have been numerous articles in the press about whistle blowers handing data to tax authorities, including HMRC.  Against a backdrop of ongoing global financial uncertainty, this puts pressure on governments to collect tax in order to reduce their...

By | 30 October 2012

Why businesses fail emerging from a recession

The UK SME market is still reeling from the consequences of deep recession and financial crisis. The survivors have transformed themselves into lean, mean, fighting machines led into battle by hardened management teams. So why are businesses more at risk of failing emerging...

By | 22 October 2012

London team bolstered with fixed asset valuation expert

Fixed assets quite often represent a significant portion of a company’s total assets, especially in asset-intensive industries, such as oil and gas, mining, and utilities which are well-represented within the FTSE 100. It is, therefore, very important that the fair value of...

By | 20 October 2012

Sustainability - Just another business issue

Whilst businesses across all sectors have been working hard to simply navigate the current financial crisis, many have also been keeping an eye on the medium term risks and opportunities presented by some of the other big global issues we face.  

By | 06 August 2012

A leap of faith will bridge the audit expectation gap

The audit profession is at a turning point, facing shifting demands, opposition to the status quo, and potential regulatory upheaval ahead. 

By | 25 June 2012

More than one third of Top 100 Law Firms expect to merge in the next three years

The legal sector is facing a period of rapid change. The Legal Services Act has come into force and there is widespread expectation of continued consolidation amongst law firms. 

By | 14 June 2012

The Great Pasty Debate - VAT on takeaway food

One of the more high profile announcements in this year’s budget concerned changes to the VAT rate of sales of certain take-away foods. The “pasty tax”, as it was quickly dubbed, became a political football, with MP’s of all persuasions falling over themselves to be seen and...

By Julian Frost | 13 June 2012

BDO's Tech Talk

BDO's Tech Talk is a new quarterly report which summarises corporate deal activity in the technology sector. This quarter looks encouraging with the sector demonstrating largely positive results against generally flat UK economic growth.

By Nick Carter-Pegg | 02 May 2012

What does ‘Outcomes Focused’ Regulation mean for Law Firms?

After years of anticipation, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has finally introduced ‘outcomes focused” regulation. Though the Code introduces ten mandatory Principles, none should be a surprise or concern to any well-run law firm.  

By | 28 March 2012

The end of the road for SDLT avoidance?

Many property purchasers have viewed Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) as an optional tax since its introduction in 2003. Poorly drafted legislation left the door wide open for purchasers and their advisors to devise cunning ways around these laws. As well as using off the shelf...

By | 15 March 2012

Competition compliance: size doesn’t matter

In December 2011, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) published a study, based on a survey of company directors’ understanding of the impact of regulatory intervention and compliance with the UK’s competition laws. 

By | 16 February 2012

What does the future hold for PFI?

In the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review the Government committed to invest expenditure in infrastructure projects which promote economic growth in the UK. 

By | 07 November 2011

Should the UK look to international trade for growth?

With domestic demand stalling, the UK is looking to international trade as the route to growth. But what impact will increasing global uncertainty have on exporters? 

By | 27 October 2011

Late tax return and late payment penalties - how to avoid them

H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is introducing new penalties for late submission of tax returns and late payment of tax. In some cases the penalties may be up to 100% of the tax shown on the Return so there is an incentive to ensure that you pay tax on time and submit your tax...

By Alex Marsden | 19 October 2011

Shareholder disputes on rise

BDO has seen shareholder disputes rise by some 200% over the past year. It's an arresting number. What's going on? 

By | 06 October 2011

Beware the RDR (the Really Determined Regulator)

As we edge closer towards January 2013, it is worth taking a moment to step back from the detail of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) project plans that chart the progress of a multitude of finely-tuned work streams, to consider the broader objectives of a regulator with...

By | 12 September 2011

Service 2020 - A window into the future

Within the current economic climate, value for money is becoming increasingly important, with everyone looking for a better, more cost efficient deal, fuelled by the fiercely competitive market, but one thing that remains fundamental to companies and people’s buying preference...

By | 18 August 2011

Staying solvent in troubled times

Winmark’s network for managing partners reports that consolidation is the name of the game for 2011. Five of the UK’s top 30 law firms have been put into “intensive care” by the banks, notes The Law Society Gazette, their simple explanation being that “there are too many...

By Richard Montague | 04 July 2011

Relocating to the sun

In recent years, the issue of tax residence has become a prominent topic in the UK. The unsatisfactory law and practice in this area has led to a number of high profile cases taken to Court whereby HM Revenue & Customs have successfully contended that a number of taxpayers...

By Tony Nygate | 17 June 2011

Surviving and thriving in a tough market

Contrary to expectations, we have not yet witnessed a dramatic slump in consumer spending which seemed like a foregone conclusion at the start of the downturn. This has allowed far more businesses within the leisure sector to survive than we originally thought. According to...

By Michael Ware | 14 June 2011

Don’t bury good news

One of the first signs we had that my grandad Ted was becoming forgetful was when he started to bury his pension book in the back garden. Grandad had an irrational fear of burglars so took to burying valuable things. Predictably he then lost track of where, so me and my...

By | 19 May 2011

Third party data security – are you outsourcing your reputation?

The security breach at email marketing provider Epsilon last month resulted in the theft of millions of names and email addresses. Those affected include customers of Barclaycard US, Capital One and Citigroup. In the UK, Marks and Spencer and Mothercare have issued advisories...

By | 02 May 2011

Has the death of the consumer been greatly exaggerated?

With summer fast approaching mixed messages about the state of the consumer economy are emerging. Whilst the media seem obsessed with painting a totally negative picture of collapsing consumer demand – bad news always makes for a better headline than good – in the real world...

By | 26 May 2010

AIM Italia – the new growth market in Italy - Alessandro Dassi

Following its merger with the London Stock Exchange in August 2007, Borsa Italiana (the Milan Stock Exchange) launched AIM Italia, the Italian market dedicated to small and medium companies with strong growth potential. 

By | 01 April 2010

Are you structuring your debt in the most tax efficient way?

As the downturn continues many businesses are facing weakening cash flows and uncertain futures, even where their underlying business remains fundamentally sound in the medium to long term. With the number of stressed and distressed loans on their books continuing to rise...