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By Helen Adams | 10 December 2018

Voluntary disclosures to HMRC: are they worth it?

HMRC encourages taxpayers to tell it proactively if they have not paid the correct tax. Is it worth making a voluntary disclosure and how is it done?

By Matthew White | 28 November 2018

The changing role of non-executive directors

Matthew White, newly elected Senior Partner at BDO, discusses the changing role of NEDs and how BDO saw the benefits of appointing NEDs some time ago.

By Neil Stockham | 06 November 2018

A mixed bag for the high street

Philip Hammond was right when he said the high street is under pressure “as never before as Britain adopts online shopping with greater alacrity than any other large economy. If Britain’s High Streets are to remain at the centre of our community life they will need to adapt...

By Satvir Bungar | 01 November 2018

International buyers and technology driving a buoyant FM market

The UK facilities management (FM) industry continues to grow in stature and evolve. FM is becoming more strategically aligned with client side agendas and workspace strategy.Client requirements are exceeding the scope of the traditional FM offering. Technology is changing...

By Paul Morris | 06 September 2018

5 ways investing in your Finance Director will help create value

Is the role of a finance director simply to manage the finance of the business? Do they just count the cash and manage the payroll? In my experience, all too often that is exactly what entrepreneurs think. Of course, a critical part of the FD’s role is to implement good...

By Stuart Lisle | 28 August 2018

Brexit - Five things businesses should do now

Planning for a ‘hard’ Brexit is rising up the UK Government agenda as Michel Barnier continues to show his stubborn side. The risk of a hard Brexit outcome is clearly increasing as the government is upping its preparedness and begins to publish contingency briefings on coping...

By James Kennedy | 07 August 2018

Tackling the tax gap

Recent statistics show that the tax gap is at its lowest level since measurement began. Our tax dispute resolution team break down what exactly the tax gap is, and what it means for HMRC.

By Mark Andrews | 01 August 2018

Recovering from 2017: 3 reasons Life Sciences M&A is returning to growth

It is unfortunately a fact of life that most of us will get ill. In fact, many of us are living longer and developing chronic conditions requiring more complicated and prolonged treatment. Life Sciences is a many and varied sector but at its core it delivers products and...

By Isabel Bucknall | 31 July 2018

Celebrating 1 Year of WWID

July 2018 marks a year since the first meeting of the Women Working in Development (WWID) Network. This London-based network of women working in the international development sector was established to encourage open dialogue on professional and personal development and a safe...