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By Neil Williams | 12 February 2019

Tax Changes Ahead – Action before April 2019 (and we're not talking Brexit!)

Tax considerations for professional firms ahead of the March 2019 year end.

By Jamie Austin | 30 January 2019

Will PE on average pay 5% more for your business?

Over the last 4 years, we have seen unprecedented levels of new capital coming into the UK market.

By Fiona Condron | 29 January 2019

Governance and risk management

Identifying, understanding and managing potential risks is a key responsibility of charity trustees and should be integral to business planning. 

By Adam Baron | 24 January 2019

Venture Capital Investors; what do they really mean?

Adam Baron helps you to understand the three stages of a venture capital investment and what they really mean.

By Paul Birch | 23 January 2019

Where is your data stored?

Paul Birch from our Forensic Technology team discusses how common it is for organisations to be unsure of where their data is stored.

By Wendy Walton | 04 January 2019

Private client review of 2018 – and what to look out for in 2019

This article, which first appeared in Tax Journal, 11 December 2018, focusses on tax changes in 2018 that have an impact on key themes that are currently important to private clients.

By Paul Morris | 17 December 2018

Five common mistakes to avoid when pitching to private equity

The prospect of raising private equity investment can be both an exciting and daunting experience, even for an experienced and successful management team. 

By Helen Adams | 10 December 2018

Voluntary disclosures to HMRC: are they worth it?

HMRC encourages taxpayers to tell it proactively if they have not paid the correct tax. Is it worth making a voluntary disclosure and how is it done?

By Matthew White | 28 November 2018

The changing role of non-executive directors

Matthew White, newly elected Senior Partner at BDO, discusses the changing role of NEDs and how BDO saw the benefits of appointing NEDs some time ago.

By Neil Stockham | 06 November 2018

A mixed bag for the high street

Philip Hammond was right when he said the high street is under pressure “as never before as Britain adopts online shopping with greater alacrity than any other large economy. If Britain’s High Streets are to remain at the centre of our community life they will need to adapt...