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By Harry Stoakes | 16 November 2017

PCPI Blog; Karting deal typical of ‘digital’ driving changes in Leisure sector

Nothing makes me happier than a good Instagram post; someone smugly showing off their amazing lifestyle by sharing an “awesome” experience. Ok, that’s not quite true. But as an M&A advisor to activities and attractions businesses, I do recognise what the increasing use of...

By Robin Brown | 03 August 2017

3 insights that will help Tech companies stay relevant and deliver value

451 research recently stated that “Everything as a service” is the next big cloud opportunity.

By Helen Adams | 01 August 2017

I made a mistake on my tax return; what now?

Mistakes are part of life. No one likes to make them and it always feels better once they are corrected. Mistakes with your tax can seem daunting but they can always be fixed.

By Helen Adams | 26 July 2017

What to do if HMRC opens an enquiry or investigation

HMRC’s powers enable it to check whether your tax returns are correct. 

By James Kennedy | 03 July 2017

HMRC may afford Worldwide Disclosure Facility users an additional 90 days

HMRC has updated their guidance regarding the Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF):

By Richard Morley | 03 July 2017

Anyone for tennis (parking)?

Many local residents fully embrace the Wimbledon tennis fortnight whereas others may see this as an ‘Andy’ little earner by renting out their driveways for daily parking.

By Nicola Sartori | 15 May 2017

Three reasons for optimism in UK retail

BDO’s Head of M&A Retail and Consumer, highlight some retail success stories and explain why she sees reasons to be optimistic.

By Andy Viner | 22 March 2017

Is everyone about to buy UK tech, media and telecoms companies?

If I were a journalist, I’d say that UK companies in the technology, media and telecoms industries are going to be selling like hot cakes in the coming months.

By Paul Birch | 20 March 2017

The need for timely and accurate forensic technology advice

The forensic technology market is full of companies vying for work. People are bombarded with terms like “big data” and “cybercrime”. Software vendors tell us that their product processes data faster than another’s or displays it in a nicer fashion. This is all well and good...