Talk Shop

By Richard Morley | 03 July 2017

Anyone for tennis (parking)?

Many local residents fully embrace the Wimbledon tennis fortnight whereas others may see this as an ‘Andy’ little earner by renting out their driveways for daily parking.

By Nicola Sartori | 15 May 2017

Three reasons for optimism in UK retail

BDO’s Head of M&A Retail and Consumer, highlight some retail success stories and explain why she sees reasons to be optimistic.

By Andy Viner | 22 March 2017

Is everyone about to buy UK tech, media and telecoms companies?

If I were a journalist, I’d say that UK companies in the technology, media and telecoms industries are going to be selling like hot cakes in the coming months.

By Paul Birch | 20 March 2017

The need for timely and accurate forensic technology advice

The forensic technology market is full of companies vying for work. People are bombarded with terms like “big data” and “cybercrime”. Software vendors tell us that their product processes data faster than another’s or displays it in a nicer fashion. This is all well and good...

By Don Bawtree | 31 January 2017

Charity Commission warns of crime prevention phishing scams

The Charity Commission has issued a warning it hopes will save charities from financial loss.

By Paul Birch | 20 January 2017

Is your forensic technology expert giving you relevant advice?

Numerous articles have been published recently that highlight current concerns in the market, such as data security, cybercrime and hacking. Whilst these subjects are trendy and topical, a lot of the advice given regarding first response is of another era.

By Stuart Lisle | 25 November 2016

The UK remains a great location for international holding companies despite Brexit

The sound and fury over the EU referendum result and ongoing Brexit should not distract international businesses from the fundamentals of how to decide where a group’s holding company should be based.

By Stuart Lisle | 18 November 2016

Brexit – new opportunities for Anglo-Indian trade and economic success

Following the referendum vote on 23 June, we have seen a number of severe reactions to both the vote and other political changes from the stock and currency markets, many of which have been short-lived.

By Anna Jarrold | 11 November 2016

Partnership tax consultation – very much a work in progress

Anna Jarrod explains why the Government’s proposals are very much a work in progress.

By Tom Lawton | 03 October 2016

Industry Outlook: a resilient sector with deep roots

The UK Manufacturing sector employs 2.7 million people, contributes 10% of GVA and accounts for 45% of total UK exports (EEF 2016) and in my opinion, one of the key sectors in the UK.