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By Anna Jarrold | 11 November 2016

Partnership tax consultation – very much a work in progress

Anna Jarrod explains why the Government’s proposals are very much a work in progress.

By Tom Lawton | 03 October 2016

Industry Outlook: a resilient sector with deep roots

The UK Manufacturing sector employs 2.7 million people, contributes 10% of GVA and accounts for 45% of total UK exports (EEF 2016) and in my opinion, one of the key sectors in the UK.

By Shawn Healy | 21 September 2016

All change for salary exchange? Have your say

All change for salary sacrifice arrangements from April 2107 – read more and take part in our survey on how salary sacrifice is currently used to support employee benefits packages.

By Noel Clehane | 19 September 2016

Brexit: The view from Brussels, three months on!

The decision of the UK people to leave the EU in a referendum last June is undoubtedly the most significant political event in over 60 years in Europe and is likely to have prolonged political, economic and business impacts in the UK - and beyond – for many years to come!

By Stuart Lisle | 19 September 2016

Brexit – keep on keepin’ on

It’s back to school and back to Brexit as MPs retake their seats following a break for summer. With a long and uncertain road ahead, it’s more important than ever for businesses to keep their cool throughout the duration of government planning and the exit deal discussions...

By Paul Birch | 19 August 2016

Electronic evidence - deleted vs. deleted deleted data

What is the definition of deleted data?

By David Porter | 18 August 2016

Tax impacts of lease accounting changes

BDO outlines HMRC’s consultation on the tax impacts of forthcoming lease accounting changes.

By Gavin Davis | 18 July 2016

Time is Running Out for your Free Upgrade to Windows 10 - Am I Bovvered?

Microsoft has also taken a very different marketing approach and has offered a free Windows 10 upgrade to all users currently running Windows 7 and above.

By Kaley Crossthwaite | 07 July 2016

What Brexit means for data protection laws

There are many questions that remain unanswered following the EU referendum results; one of which is, what will Brexit mean for data protection laws in the UK?

By Wendy Walton | 04 July 2016

Brexit – a private client's perspective

Although there is an immediate impact on the personal finances of individuals from the volatility in stock markets and the value of sterling, the immediate impact of the referendum vote on the tax affairs of individuals is expected to be minimal.