MBO of Database Service Provider Global Limited backed by YFM

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We are pleased to announce the completion of BDO Growth Advisory’s first deal. This was the £10m MBO of Database Service Provider Global Limited (“DSP”) where BDO acted as advisor to the management team. Funding was provided by YFM (£5.3m), Santander Growth Fund (£2.5m) and a roll over from the management team.

DSP was founded in 1999 and set out to become a trusted technology partner for companies who wanted to invest in Oracle and SQL Server technologies. Since those early days the Company has evolved as client requirements and technology have changed. DSP now supports multi-vendor, cloud and hybrid database and application infrastructures around the clock.

“I am very grateful for the support the BDO Growth Advisory team provided in getting the deal done.  Paul Morris has a unique insight, from his years as an investor, into how to help a business successfully raise PE investment.  The team were very hands on in anticipating and working through any issue that arose.  The result was a great deal for both the management team and our new investor, YFM.”

Simon Goodenough, CEO, Database Services Provider Global Limited