• Food and Drink Report

    UK food and drink businesses going for
    growth despite Brexit uncertainty

Food & Drink Report 2018

BDO New Economy

The BDO Food & Drink report paints a picture of a manufacturing sector that is achieving some substantial successes but that also faces significant challenges in the near future. Tackling the likely impact of Brexit is the biggest challenge for a sector that generates £22bn of exports and employs more than 125,000 EU citizens.

You can watch Paul Davies, BDO’s Head of Food & Drink, provide a short overview of the major themes of the Food & Drink 2018 report.

The Food & Drink report provides all the background information and analysis you need to understand the challenges and priorities for the sector, and how to address them. We hope you find the report useful in planning the way ahead for the coming year

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Food & Drink 2018 Themes

The challenges facing the sector, apart from Brexit, include improving productivity and skills, recruiting the additional 140,000 people the sector needs to grow, and driving innovation in products.

The Food & Drink report also includes some reasons to be confident. Food & Drink exports are growing both to the EU and globally. Exports to China grew by 28% last year and Scotland’s exports grew by 15%.

You can watch our short videos exploring the major themes of the report on the next pages of this site.