Food & Drink Report 2021

Food and drink manufacturers in the UK look ahead to growth after digesting a tough year   

This year’s Food & Drink report comes after a year of substantial challenge and change for the manufacturing sector. COVID-19 and Brexit have both had huge impacts on food and drink manufacturing, but the sector remains resilient, optimistic for the future and continues to drive growth and innovate.

Through our survey of drink and food manufacturers, we have learnt that 78% of businesses are feeling positive or very positive about the prospects of their business, with 68% expecting profitability to increase in the next 12 months.

Looking ahead, new product development, expansion into new UK markets and investment in production are identified as the top three areas of growth. Sustainable manufacturing is also a key focus, particularly in reducing waste, plastic, and emissions.

In this edition, we explore the opportunities and challenges facing food and drink manufacturers and key drivers for growth, innovation, sustainability, and M&A activity.

Find out how you compare against businesses in the food and drink industry, while taking in tips and insights from industry and BDO experts.



What Food & Drink manufacturers in the UK are telling us





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