• Renewables & Power

Renewables & Power

There is an ongoing revolution in the way we generate, store, deliver, monitor and consume power. Governments and businesses are looking for a secure, affordable and sustainable supply while meeting their climate change-related commitments.

The International Energy Agency’s Global Energy Review 2020 predicts that renewable sources will make up for almost 30% of electricity supply globally in 2020 only. This provides huge opportunities for a broad range of investors, asset developers and owners, utilities companies and energy retailers.

The companies we work with are the organisations creating and leveraging those opportunities, including relatively-recent market entrants such as pension funds and private net worth individuals. This broad exposure places us close to developments in a wide range of areas, from policy, technology and finance, creating a strong sector team with expertise ranging from project funding, assurance, financial modelling, due diligence, valuations, tax and strategic advisory. Please scroll down to see our latest insights.


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