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Oil and Gas Services

Supporting the oil and gas industry

As a key supplier to the oil and gas industry, support service providers are internationally diverse. Typically, the services industry will have complex corporate structures implemented to manage risk, the cost of tax, client contracting requirements and create worldwide synergies and efficiencies.

As worldwide economies have been impacted by the decline in the oil price over the last twelve months and the ongoing uncertainty over the future trends in prices, the oil and gas services industry has had to adjust to a new market environment. In a market where prices have hardened and opportunities have diminished companies need to know that they have the right advisers in place to provide the support they need.

Support service providers form an important part of our international industry client base. We work alongside many oilfield service companies who supply technology, information solutions, drilling and evaluation services and project management professionals to oil and gas businesses.

The international nature of the oil and gas services industry allows us to demonstrate the strength of BDO International. BDO’s Natural Resources Oil and Gas Services team work across all international jurisdictions, from Australia to Latin America and from South Africa to North America. Our international reach allows us to provide professional services to support service companies in a way which mirrors the company's own structure and operations.

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