• Corporate and Pension Scheme Restructuring for Growth

Corporate and Pension Scheme Restructuring for Growth

22 June 2018

Many companies have the potential to achieve major growth but are restricted by large liabilities for legacy pension schemes. BDO’s innovative cross-discipline approach can enable these companies to restructure, enhancing the capital value of the business for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our specialist team with expertise in pensions, business restructuring and corporate finance disciplines works proactively alongside companies to develop an understanding of their business. This involves a strategic review which is completed by our M&A team, who will then engage with BR and Pensions Advisory to develop a bespoke solution for the business and coordinate implementation of this solution, managing the wide range of stakeholders throughout. The ultimate aim is to provide a solution to increase profitability of the business with the ability to reinvest profits for growth, with pension liabilities treated equitably.