IPO Readiness Review

21 June 2016

Company planning an IPO in the future?

What is an IPO readiness review?

  • A free of charge assessment of how prepared a company is for a future IPO, with a particular focus on accounting and financial aspects
  • It provides the board and its advisers with an indication of practical steps that can be taken in the short term to assist a future IPO process.

Why perform an IPO readiness review?

  • Although an IPO might not be planned for some time, preparation work can be onerous. Have opportunities been identified to bring work forward and thereby reduce the pressure on management nearer to the IPO?
  • Have all potential future stumbling blocks been identified and resolved?
  • In current market conditions only the most prepared companies are likely to be able to take advantage of windows of opportunity and meet investors’ requirements.


  • Typically, a brief report highlighting priority areas, which can be tailored to IPOs on most major stock exchanges
  • Recommendations and then working with management to ensure recommendations are implemented
  • IPO readiness reviews are performed by experienced members of our Transaction Services team in conjunction with specialist support from across the firm.

To read more about how we can help you and the areas we typically investigate, please download our full IPO readiness review.