Support to Foreign Direct Investment

15 December 2016


The globalised economy is no longer the exclusive domain of large corporations and multi-nationals. Increasingly, medium-sized companies are looking abroad to maintain their competitiveness and expand their operations  in order to embrace new markets or to identify new low-cost manufacturing centres.

Asia and the Middle East have long been established as favoured locations by OECD businesses. However, the recent (and on-going) expansion of the European Union presents a whole new set of opportunities much closer to home. For the more adventurous, Russia and other ex-Soviet countries also offer interesting prospects. Venturing outside of an OECD economy is certainly likely to be as challenging as it is rewarding. Even newly-acceded EU  Members present a significantly different business environment to Western Europe, not to mention countries further afield.

Our experience

BDO's International Projects Group (IPG) offers a comprehensive suite of integrated business services supporting the development and management of business and investments  worldwide, from initial scoping studies, business case and strategic development and investigations, through full market, technical and financial feasibility studies and Due Diligence exercises, to process improvements and management support.

BDO-IPG  has significant experience in supporting the development of a wide range of industries and services in developing and transitional economies and pre - accession and accession countries, from the early formative stages through to successful operation. We have worked with the World Bank, IFC, EBRD, EIB and many other international, inter - governmental and national development institutions in support of foreign direct investment and project funding, as well as with potential private sector investors. Through these assignments, our in-house experts have gained an intimate understanding of local business conditions and investment processes, and have also established business contacts in all these markets.


BDO has long specialised in supporting SMEs in the UK, building an in-depth understanding of these companies' specific needs and requirements. Our international assistance builds on this long-standing relationship with the SME sector, offering services that are designed to support SMEs in developing their businesses abroad.

Our services

Combining international business practices with local knowledge and local business advice, BDO offers effective support for the successful and safe entry into the world of international business and investment, whether through participation in local privatisations, joint ventures or greenfield investment.

The services we offer include:

  • country strategies and individual project development
  • market studies and strategies
  • business cases and project scoping
  • feasibility, pre-feasibility studies and Due Diligences
  • Joint Ventures (JV), Direct Foreign Investments (DFI) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • multi-disciplinary teams of experts (financial, economic, technical, environmental, etc.)
  • accounting and audit to local and international standards
  • privatisations and post-privatisation restructuring
  • business process improvements