COVID-19 Quick Help Guide: Contracts & Supply Chain

17 April 2020

This document provides guidance to support businesses through the early stages of their COVID-19 response, focusing on some of the key issues relating to customer and supplier contract portfolios. It is intended to be a practical guide (not an exhaustive framework) to help organisations establish their position and act quickly with their third parties to preserve output as far as possible.

As the situation develops, your priorities and focus will evolve. We will issue updated guidance as we move through the cycle of this crisis, based on what we are hearing from clients and wider industry perspectives.

We understand that a single set of procedures or responses might not fit all organisations or each company’s individual situation. Therefore, we recommend you contact your business advisers should you need specific advice beyond this.


If you would benefit from a further discussion please contact Oliver Back, Partner, BDO LLP.

You can visit our dedicated webpage for more information on how we are approaching the situation.