A practical guide to choosing accounting and ERP software

15 August 2017

As a firm of accountants, we are asked almost daily by our clients to input to the selection of accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and we have been providing both informal assistance and managing projects with this objective for over 30 years.  In fact, we have a team that does nothing else but provide such assistance. 

As you would expect, given that this is our “day job” we have tuned our approach to the process so as to minimise the risk of the chosen software failing to deliver what is expected by the client and promised by the supplier, and we thought it would be helpful to share this approach with those thinking that their business has outgrown that is currently in place and seeking a replacement.

We don’t sell or recommend any software, although given information about your business we can usually advise which of the many accounting products on the market could be on your long-list for consideration, and sometimes pointing people in the right direction is all we do.  For other clients we lead the process throughout, running workshops to draw out requirements and providing template documents to ease the way.  In truth, it isn’t a complex path and if resources are available our approach can be followed by an internal project team, but there are pitfalls and having someone alongside who has been down the same route numerous times can avoid these and add real value.

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The document we have prepared is a practical guide to the process and we trust you will find it helpful.