Hampton-Alexander Review - FTSE Women Leaders

11 November 2016

This independent review of the gender balance of FTSE listed companies has recently recommended that by 2020 33% of board members at FTSE 100 companies should be women. It also recommends that companies proactively address the gender balance in senior roles beyond the boardroom. 

The key objectives of the review are to research what is preventing women progressing to board level and recommend actions to help increase board diversity and to build a strong pipeline of women in senior management roles who will become board members and CEOs of the future.

The review team says that the “voluntary business-led framework to improve the number of women at the top of British business is working”. 20% of FTSE 100 companies already have a board where at least a third of directors are women although there are still a number of companies in both the FTSE 100 and 350 with no women on the board. 

To expand the current voluntary framework, the review team suggest that the Corporate Governance Code is updated by the FRC to require FTSE 350 companies to disclose the gender balance of their executive committees and direct reports. 

The review team will submit recommendations to the Government by the end of 2016. The Government has also announced its backing for a ‘Future Board Scheme’ launched by Board Apprentice to give senior women managers intern style experience of boardroom activities in major companies.

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