• Streamlining your Global Payroll

    Centrally controlled, locally delivered


Streamlining your Global Payroll

27 February 2017

Coordinating multi country payroll can be a major burden for organisations. The need to maintain global control and visibility to avoid the risks of non-compliance while maintaining a flexibility that allows for changing needs is a challenge that affects many global businesses.

Global businesses are still struggling with having a global view and a single consolidated reporting format while many do not have any multi-country payroll processes or policies, and are instead managing each country on an individual, local basis.

BDO provides international businesses with an end to end global payroll service. Our solution provides a combination of local delivery by local BDO experts and strong central control and coordination by a dedicated team, all under a single global contract and provider.

Central control

Simplicity and Visibility

  • One conversation, not many
  • One contract
  • Leading technology solution to monitor delivery and manage risks
  • One dedicated team to plan and drive your compliance timetable
  • Continuous service review and process improvement

Local Delivery

Expertise and Quality

  • Knowledge of local practice, not just local regulation
  • Strong local relationships and local language
  • Personal engagement with local authorities
  • Access to a wide range of additional local expertise
  • Consistent quality across the offices based on shared methodologies