Service 2020 - Understanding the Financial Implications of Customer Service

16 January 2014

BDO international have joined forces with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to investigate what companies think consumers want, how they are adapting their customer service offerings and – most importantly - what impact their service strategy has on the bottom line.

Findings such as:

  • Businesses are unclear about the link with the bottom line
  • Too many metrics make getting a clear picture of the effect of service difficult
  • Companies do not prioritise service - only 15% of companies saying customer service quality is their primary means of competing
  • Engagement is still low-tech Investment needs focus
  • There is room for improvement at the top. Globally, only 28% of companies have a head of customer service on the board.

This unique research explores the link between good customer service and strong financial performance and seeks to establish if there is a correlation between them.