Catching the rising tide – investing in women’s sport.

07 July 2022

Women’s sport is growing – fast. Revenue is estimated to grow to £1bn by 2030. However, despite this growth and increasing interest and optimism, women’s sport remains a blue ocean from an investment perceptive – an unexploited or relatively uncontested market space. Men’s sport, by comparison, is congested – the metaphoric ocean is well-established and commercially mature - with investors tripping over each other to find a return.

This joint report with The Sports Consultancy (TSC) showcases the current ecosystem and identifies what opportunities exist in women’s sport and how to take advantage of these opportunities. By understanding the status of women’s sport and the barriers that are preventing its growth, new ways can be identified to invest in order to achieve returns by growing the sport for everyone.

This report discusses:

  • The rise of women’s sport
  • Optimising growth
  • Capitalising on an untapped market
  • Boosting returns by stimulating the sport

To find out more about the opportunity to create a positive, lasting impact for the industry and investors, and for the sport more widely, download the full report.

Download the full report

If you would like to discuss this edition of the report further or any wider sector issues, please contact Ian Clayden, National Head of Professional Sports.