• Hotel Britain Lite 2020

    A retrospective view of the sector


Hotel Britain Lite 2020 – A retrospective view of the sector

14 April 2020

Hotel Britain is the definitive guide to UK hotels performance over the previous year. Our analysis focuses on national and regional performance, highlighting the underlying trends for key markets and segments. Our research also considers other main influencers such as tourism and passenger numbers and external factors that may affect the sector.

It is worth noting that the information and interviews found in this publication were compiled before the outbreak of COVID-19. We should therefore emphasise that the content offers a market sentiment that may since have shifted. Although Hotel Britain usually evaluates the prospects of the industry for the following year, we have chosen to forego any form of prediction in this edition.

Key findings from Hotel Britain Lite 2020

  • UK hotels experience their tenth consecutive year of growth, with occupancy levels reaching a record high of 79.9%
  • Rooms yield also had an increase of £3.64 to £106.03 on average in the UK and equated to a strong 3.6% rise
  • London hotels occupancy made the biggest leap from 77.8% to 81.9%, the highest level achieved in the five year review by BDO
  • Tourists set a new record for spending in 2019 at £25bn according to Visit Britain

Download the complete detailed analysis to understand what 2019 was really like for our hotels sector.