Hotel Britain Trends

Hotel Britain Trends

Everything you need to know about the UK hotel industry in one place.

Our annual Hotel Britain report is written by industry experts, publishing performance statistics, thought leadership and articles on the latest trends and issues affecting the sector.

Hotel Britain 2023

Back in business – while the consumer purse has been tightening, they have not yet cut back on hotel stays. This report looks at top considerations for operators to remain agile in difficult trading conditions, how market confidence is changing, updates to tips and tronc schemes and more.

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Hotel Britain 2022

This year’s Hotel Britain is designed to raise awareness of the direct impact of hotels on climate change; and conversely, the influence of sustainability on the hotel industry. Sustainability is now an imperative investment as well as a strategic opportunity for businesses.

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Hotel Britain Lite 2021

Revive and thrive – looking back to move forward. This report covers the full reopening of the industry, the sustained success of the vaccination rollout, and the return of consumer confidence in the recovery of domestic and international travel in 2021.

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Hotel Britain 2020

Hotel Britain is the definitive guide to UK hotels performance over the previous year. Our analysis focuses on national and regional performance, highlighting the underlying trends for key markets and segments. Our research also considers other main influencers such as tourism and passenger numbers and external factors that may affect the sector.

It is worth noting that the information and interviews found in this publication were compiled before the outbreak of COVID-19. We should therefore emphasise that the content offers a market sentiment that may since have shifted. Although Hotel Britain usually evaluates the prospects of the industry for the following year, we have chosen to forego any form of prediction in this edition.

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Hotel Britain 2019

Hotel Britain is our annual report examining how UK hotels are performing. With a focus on both national and regional performance, it also highlights the underlying trends for the hotel sector. Full of detailed analysis, expert commentary and insights into future prospects, this edition looks at what 2018 was really like for our hotels sector.

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Hotel Britain 2018

Britain was coined a ‘staycation nation’ in 2018 as 2017 proved to be another year of consistent growth for UK hotels despite the uncertainties surrounding the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

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Hotel Britain 2017

2017 saw record-breaking numbers of visitors coming to Britain. The economy also did better than predicted in 2017 to contribute to a good year for the hotels sector. The 2017 Hotel Britain report includes a five-year summary of the industry’s performance and predictions from experts for 2018. You can check to see how accurate those predictions turned out to be.

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Hotel Britain 2016

2015 saw a slow-down in the growth of the UK economy which had an impact on the hotel sector. The 2016 Hotel Britain also contains the regular regional and room type data and statistics.

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