Restaurants and Bars trends

Restaurants and Bars trends

We publish a comprehensive restaurants and bars every year to provide you with an insight into the latest trends, economic performance and challenges and opportunities for the industry.

You can freely access previous editions of the Restaurants and Bars reports below. If you would like to discuss our reports further, please get in touch with us.


COVID-19 had a huge impact on the hospitality industry for the second year running in 2021. Our report focuses on how the sector can minimise the negative effects of the pandemic and embrace all that it has learnt, to revive and thrive in 2022.

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Without a doubt, COVID-19 plays a huge part in this report. However, rather than focusing on the obvious impact to the sector, we focus on what owners and operators can do now and in the future to minimise the impact of the pandemic and prepare for the ‘new reality’.

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This year, the topic of sustainability plays a big part in our report as we pay close attention on the upcoming change in legislations, and how our operators are tackling this major hot topic.

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In this edition we start off by looking at the macroeconomic environment; as we edge closer to 29 March we assess how GDP growth, consumer confidence and access to employees have been negatively impacted by the UK’s decision to exit the EU.

Winter 2018

2018 was a year of highs and lows and there wasn’t a dull moment in the Restaurants and Bars sector. Challenging trading conditions and uncertainty around Brexit continued to challenge discretionary spend, impacting the high street and fuelling the resurgence of CVAs and even administrations. In this edition of BDO’s Restaurants and Bars report, we assess how GDP growth, consumer confidence and access to employees has been negatively impacted by political uncertainty in the UK.

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Summer 2018

Summer 2018 focuses on wet-led opportunities and the ‘return of the pub'. We covered economic overview and trading conditions for the restaurant and bars industry, a M&A market overview, a feature article with ETM Group and the rise of high profile CVA’s in the retail and casual dining sectors.

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Winter 2017

In the autumn period 2017, there was a lot of hard work required for the restaurant and bars sector just to maintain margin and EBITDA return over the 12 months ahead. In this edition we looked at; predictions for 2018, the trading environment, the view from an operator investor and the local data company.

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Summer 2017

Uncertain times for UK businesses as created by a shock election result and less focused negotiations with the EU ahead of Brexit meant significant challenges for all operators. However, the industry is known for its resilience and in this edition, we covered key trends that Boards need to be thinking about, our traditional economic update including an overview of M&A activity and we closed the report with opportunities for operators to collaborate with retailers and a case study featuring RARE consulting.

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