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Football Investment Survey

Welcome to the Sports Finance Insights 2024. For two decades, we have contributed to the football industry by publishing the Football Finance Directors Survey, layering our own financial insights over the data and opinions of financial leaders from clubs across the domestic professional football leagues. Recognising that the way we all consume financial information and thought leadership has changed, we will now focus on shorter, more frequent, and more topical insights throughout the year. With no fixed agenda, our ‘annual campaign’ will give us the freedom to comment on live and emerging issues across football and the wider Professional Sports Sector. We hope you enjoy our first Sports Finance Insight, kicking off with the Football Investment Survey.

This year we have taken the responses from our annual survey and overlayed the results with the financial statements from FY23. This gives our report unique insight and provides extra depth to our analysis of the readily available data. Our report is for football clubs, those looking to invest or simply for fans of The Beautiful Game. 

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Our latest report shows that:

  • Premier League players are not, we repeat, NOT, over-paid. At least not based on club revenue metrics! 
  • There is still an obvious gulf between the Premier Leaue and the lower leagues both in terms of financial stability and growth opportunities
  • Championship, League 1 and League 2 clubs who perceive their finances as “healthy” are not necessarily trading profitably
  • There is an increasing divergence between the largest (so called “Big 6”) EPL clubs and the rest of the Premier League. 


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