• COVID-19 Key Trends & Developments

COVID-19 Key Trends & Developments

07 April 2020

This is the first in a series of reports into the COVID-19 outbreak released by BDO’s Life Sciences team. It focuses on the science, key trends, comparisons with previous epidemics, regulatory changes for drug development, and overall impacts on the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

The COVID-19 outbreak has had serious implications on people’s health and lives, impacting everything from the way we shop to where we work. Vast amounts of information and opinions have been widespread in the media, and much of it changes daily. This drove us to take a closer look into the science, to help to understand the real trends and impacts of the outbreak. We have also analysed previous epidemics, to analyse the potential future direction with regards to development of therapies and vaccines.

Where possible, we have taken a data-driven approach, and have analysed trends and potential drivers based on scientific research. We have largely drawn on publicly available sources, and have also included insights from conversations with industry participants where available.

This paper also includes a section on the key changes that have been made to the regulatory pathway to facilitate the development of new therapies and vaccines, written by Clinical Network Services (CNS). We would especially like to thank the CNS team for their contribution and insights in this report.

CNS is an integrated service group focused on product development headquartered in Australia (with offices in New Zealand, the UK and the USA), who create value for small-medium sized biotechnology companies by progressing early stage products through clinical trials, to access the market sooner.

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