12 July 2013

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Financial pressures faced by the economy are exacerbated in the healthcare sector by the increasing and aging population, higher inflation and raising public expectations. The NHS has been grappling with the £20bn 'Nicholson QuIPP Challenge for three years' and has made some significant progress. Costs have come down in many areas and there have been great strides in improving quality such as reductions in length of stay, lower rates of infection and reducing avoidable admissions.

However it is becoming more difficult to realise the efficiencies required whilst improving quality and no one believes the pressure will abate for many years to come.

BDO has supported NHS commissioning and provider organisations in addressing the financial challenges from the Boardroom to the front-line. We have developed and implemented a range of approaches, tools and techniques to help identify and deliver the efficiencies and quality required for a number of health organisations. These include:

  • Cost improvement programmes (CIP) / Quality, Innovation, Productivity & Prevention programme (QuIPP)
  • Economic and quality performance reviews
  • Service re-design
  • Outcomes development
  • Contract reviews

We also have a number of key alliances with organisations who have expertise in communications and engagement; service development, outcomes based commissioning and legal services.