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08 June 2020

In the fast-moving and exciting world of renewable energy and power, BDO brings you updates and commentary on some of the hottest topics in the sector.

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Power price cannibalisation – how is it affecting your renewables projects?

As the rollout of renewables continues, wholesale electricity prices are at risk of a considerable haircut. How is this affecting your project revenues and how are you planning to reflect this in your valuation models?

• Renewables: The Climate for Investment 2020

This report is aimed to provide a high-level understanding of what the climate for investment is across 10 key countries for 2020. Those include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, UK and the US.

• 10 Due diligence challenges for battery energy storage 

This article explores the obstacles and challenges that are limiting or threatening the development of energy storage infrastructure and technologies.

• 2023 The near future of renewables 

A look at the global trends that will shape the renewables market up to 2023, including cleantech investment and the growth of solar, wind and energy storage.

• The Energy Zeitgeist

In July 2019, a panel of industry experts met at BDO in London to examine the present and future of the global renewables market. They discussed the global outlook to 2050, the role of subsidies and the changing nature of the renewables industry. This is a summary of their discussions and  their predictions. This is a summary of their discussions and predictions.