• The Megawatt Hour with BDO

    The future of energy storage technologies


The Megawatt Hour with BDO - The future of energy storage technologies

05 August 2022

The Megawatt Hour is the latest podcast series from BDO and Energy Voice Out Loud.

Throughout this monthly series, we are joined by industry guests to discuss and examine how energy storage technologies are reshaping, reinforcing and recharging energy markets in the UK and around the globe.

From batteries to flywheels, consumers to policymakers, we will explore what these technologies look like, how they work, who is investing and building them and why they will be essential to the energy transition and the journey to net zero.

Episode 2: Unlocking the battery storage business model

In this the second episode of our special energy storage boxset series, content editor Andrew Dykes is joined by co-host David Bevan, corporate finance partner at BDO, and by Ben Guest, managing director and head of the New Energy division at alternative asset management group Gresham House.

This week we’ll be taking a deep dive into possibly the largest and liveliest area of the sector today - battery storage. In less than a decade the UK has moved from having no large-scale battery capacity to more than 1.6GW in operation. 

We look at what’s driving that growth, the hurdles faced by the sector, and importantly what opportunities may lie ahead.



Episode 1: The Megawatt Hour: Watts, how and why?

This is the Megawatt Hour, the latest podcast series brought to you by Energy Voice Out Loud in paid partnership with BDO.

In this, the first episode of our boxset series, Content Editor Andrew Dykes is joined by co-host David Bevan, Corporate Finance Partner at BDO and by special guest Marek Kubik, a founding member and Managing Director of energy storage technology company Fluence.

Together they take a broad look at some of the fundamentals of energy storage including the range of technologies available, how they work, and why the market is really taking off today as increasing amounts of new renewable capacity is added to the grid.