Rethinking your charity's growth strategy

26 May 2022

Most organisations are currently rethinking their operational and business model, following the impact of prolonged disruption from COVID-19, rising inflation, Brexit and the Ukraine situation.  When assessing needs, we can all demonstrate bias and focus on what we consider key areas or the topics we find most interesting.  However, to build resilient organisations, it is important to consider all aspects. 

Following on from the success of the Rethink model launched by BDO when Covid-19 was at its peak, this new and powerful addition is BDO’s Business Lens; a diagnostic tool which could assist not for profit organisations to look at their seven core areas that impact growth and discover how they can be optimised to successfully adapt to the new reality. 

The simple steps to rethinking your charities growth strategy

  • Complete the survey which takes a maximum of ten minutes.
  • Receive your results, which help you focus on areas of need and which feed into an accompanying benchmark tool to see how you compare to other charities.
  • Facilitated workshops to drive forward change. We can run the diagnostic for all key stakeholders in the organisation and run a facilitated workshop to identify areas of difference and alignment, helping you build a focused strategic plan to drive forward change in your organisation.

    We did just this for North West Cancer Research. “[While] challenging at times, it really made us think about, and reassess, many of the things which we have always done and to consider what we should be doing differently. The session helped us to identify the gaps in our thinking and our organisation and then to start to plan how we address those.” Alastair Richards, CEO

For more information  contact Coral Cameron at [email protected], or simply complete the questionnaire to get started – just visit the link or scan the QR code below.