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Shipping Confidence Report 2022

05 April 2022

The shipping industry was experiencing unprecedented levels of confidence in February, that is the single most important finding of the latest edition of the Shipping Confidence Report. It is important to understand that the conflict in Ukraine had not yet become a full-blown war when our respondents shared their views.

The presentation below allows you to click through the main findings of the Shipping Confidence survey and our analysis at your own pace. On some slides, you are also able to select the data you want to focus on such regional data or a particular year.

We hope you find the report useful and easy to use.

How does the Shipping Confidence report work?

The Shipping Confidence Report is based on the views of industry professionals across the main types of shipping business and from across the globe with a focus on Europe and Asia. As well as monitoring confidence, the report looks at the ‘intention to make a major investment’. The report also provides insight into market expectations and trends across tankers, dry bulk and container freight shipping.

The report also covers other important business issues for shipping such as the forecast for finance costs and the main drivers of business performance such as demand trends, competition and tonnage supply.

The impact of Brokers, Managers and Owners on these trends is analysed as are regional differences.

Each Report also looks at forecasts for some of the shipping industries key indicators such as the Baltic Dry Index, Brent Oil prices and overall World Seaborne trade.

How can I take part in the Shipping Confidence Report?

If you would like to contribute to the Report, please complete the contact form below and we will be in touch. We always welcome the views of industry insiders who are able to share their experiences and expectations of the industry.

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