• BDO Online Tax Returns

BDO Online Tax Returns

23 September 2020

Personal tax return: BDO’s Online Tax Self-Assessment

If you are self-employed, a landlord, a Director or a high-earner, you may have to submit a self-assessment along with a raft of supporting documentation. You probably already know how painful it can be. BDO’s online service makes preparing your tax return quick, easy and stress-free.

How does BDO’s online service work?

Simply, you get access to a secure digital portal, support from a dedicated team of expert tax advisers, and the offer of a 30 minute call to discuss your tax return and our advice to you.

BDO’s online service means you can provide and access all your tax return information anywhere and at any time. Your documentation is stored on a secure, centralised platform so that it can be easily shared with our dedicated team of tax advisers. We will guide you through the process of preparing and submitting to HMRC your tax return and we’ll remind you how much tax to pay to HMRC when payment deadlines are approaching. 

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We’re more than a tax return platform

BDO’s online service has been developed by our award winning Private Client Services team. They have vast experience in looking after the domestic and international tax affairs of high earning individuals, their families and their businesses. Many of us are recognised as leading advisors in our fields and all of us are focused on delivering successful outcomes for you; our clients.

BDO is the UK’s fifth largest accountancy and business services firm. You benefit from the huge range of tax expertise and knowledge of our UK tax team.