Our Family Office blueprint to success

23 March 2022

We are delighted to have been named Family Office Services Provider of the Year by Spear’s.

Up against strong competition, it was great to put together our submission pulling together our successes and fast growth over the past two years. Our team aim to work with Family Offices to help them succeed in the long term. In our experience, the families that enjoy success over multiple generations have two things in common; they have a strong sense of purpose, and they are well organised. We understand what it can be like to be a small team with wide-ranging responsibilities and appreciate the range of challenges facing today’s Family Office.

We sat down with Spear’s to discuss our win – what it means, how important it is for our growth and why we value having this recognition, and to discuss the changes we are seeing in the Family Office landscape:

‘Family Offices are increasingly set up to cater to the needs of younger entrepreneurs, whose investment, philanthropic and ongoing business activities tend to run in parallel with one another. Every element of these modern family offices must then align with their values and everything they’re doing for social impact investing, sustainable investing, and philanthropy’.

Watch the full interview:

Read the full article and Catherine’s interview with Spear’s.