Tax avoidance reviews

16 December 2020


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Tax Avoidance Review service

We recognise that a potential dispute around Tax Avoidance can be stressful and costly.

BDO’s Tax Dispute Resolution team believes that expert advice is the key.  We will advise on the options available to you, including:

  • Reviewing any tax avoidance or other complex arrangements to establish risks
  • Advising on tax avoidance enquiries and settlement options, including withdrawal from arrangements
  • Checking that HMRC is not exceeding statutory time limits or its discovery and enquiry powers
  • Exploring your options, including making representations, when you receive an Accelerated Payment Notice or a Follower Notice from HMRC
  • Negotiating time to pay arrangements: Taxpayers can seek time to pay from HMRC if they cannot afford to pay their tax debts in full and on time. An agreement reached with HMRC for this is called a Time to Pay Agreement (TTPA). Read our Time to Pay support guide.
  • Negotiating and finalising potential penalties

Why trust us with your dispute?

Your dispute will be resolved more quickly and effectively if you have the advice and support of genuine tax dispute experts.

Our team deals with every type and example of tax disputes with HMRC. There is nothing we haven’t dealt with before. We combine the expertise of former HMRC tax inspectors and accredited mediators. We have the knowledge, experience and understanding that really matter in resolving tax disputes.

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