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    Digital transformation

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation has become a priority for law firm leaders, however their approach to making firms more tech-enabled differs considerably and there is a definite divide on the degree to which becoming more digital will change, or possibly transform, their businesses.

Where will digital transformation have the biggest impact on law firms?

Just over half (52%) of law firm leaders surveyed expect digital transformation to have the biggest impact on how work is delivered to the client. The pattern was consistent across national, international and global law firms.

Interestingly, there is a divide between law firms who plan to invest in developing propriety technologies and those who don’t believe they have the scale, resources or capabilities to develop and maintain their own software better than the market. The explosion of legal technology start-ups has made technology much more relevant and accessible, and collaborations with technology vendors to develop tailored solutions for their firms and clients is common.

Digital transformation is about more than just technology

Nearly half of law firms leaders surveyed named cultural change as the greatest barrier to becoming more digital or technology-enabled. Our first report in the series looks at the challenge of changing culture, mind-sets and behaviours within an organisation, as well as who is responsible for leading digital transformation.

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